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May 18, 2010
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On Saturday I went to the grand opening of their sales centre.
I had already seen the floor plans and was surprised that most of the units were 450-550 sq.ft. with many studios and jr. 1BR (bedrooms with no doors) suites, and less than 10% of the units over 600 sq.ft.

The model suite and finishes/features were nice and of good quality which is typical of a Lamb Development building, however I did notice that some of the finishes were a little downgraded from Lamb's previous building, such as the quality of the tile and cabinets, but it is still much nicer than most other condo developments.
All of the 660 and 700 sq.ft. units, there were only 2 and 5 of them respectively, were all sold by the time I got there which was only within an hour of opening -- apparently most of them were sold before the opening to their own people.
There seemed to be quite a bit of activity on the smaller units, though it wasn't as chaotic as most of the other condo openings I have seen in the past. Many people who were there were looking for a mid-size unit in the 600-700 sq.ft. range and were disappointed that they were all spoken for.

The units tend to be very long and skinny with in-board bedrooms, which is how they could accommodate the number of units on such a small site.
The exterior of the building and the common areas and amenity spaces are really nicely designed and I think best selling point is that this is a boutique building with just 135 units.