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I-XPRESS a hit in Waterloo.


Observer Walt

Those bike lockers are a great idea! We should have some of those at subway stations in Toronto.


But people in Cambridge can easily get onto route 7...excluding these people would be like excluding York Region's population from the Steeles bus' base of riders. Unless they don't bother travelling all that way by bus - which this statement might suggest "The buses travel from Conestoga Mall in Waterloo to the Ainslie Street station in the Galt section of Cambridge in 77 minutes, about an hour faster than before."


Now you're just confusing things. If you want to talk about populations that bus services serve, it only makes sense to include those areas that the service serves directly otherwise where do you draw the line? I would say that Mississauga Transit serves a city of 620,000 people, not a city of 3.6 million because people on Oakville Transit, Brampton Transit, and the TTC have the opportunity of transferring on to MT.

Wow... a semantics argument. Really quite pointless.


They understand fast transit is the only way to attract riders.


If only the TTC thought about that for routes like FINCH which carry over 40,000 riders a day.
So the TTC doesn't understand that fast transit is the only way to attract riders... but Finch carries 40,000 per day? So is Finch very fast then? The TTC doesn't understand the concept of speed... like it is a really tough concept?

You don't make much sense.