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how is this floor plan


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Oct 15, 2012
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sorry for the small picture...I know it is really small but I can't find anything bigger/clearer. You can viewed at 200% (of course the words will be blurry)

clockwise, it is the kitchen, living room, bedroom (W/I closet), bathroom, washingroom. The big square in the livingroom is a furnace/AC unit.
Total is 652sf, not including the balcony.

Is it a good floor plan? Any major drawback?


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The large terrace is definitely the best feature.
I wouldn't call the the living room as being large and square. The kitchen is tucked into one corner with a fan coil unit next to it. This essentially tapers the living room down to the width of that sliding patio door.
This makes furniture arrangement rather awkward for the living room -- you don't want to block the patio door, but you also don't want to crowd furniture near the entrance and access to the bedroom and bath.
There is no island in the kitchen and the little bit of counter/bar space wraps around the end of the counter, where is dishwasher is, is barely enough space for two bar stools. You will need to resort to a dining table to eat at which will take up valuable space in the living room which is already difficult to arrange furniture.

The laundry/furnace room is a nice feature to have for a little bit of extra storage.

The bedroom is a nice size, but the column that protrudes out of the wall will force you to move the bed right against the door to the closet, unless you locate the bed in front of the column which you will have some wierd wasted space behind your headboard.

IMO this not a great floorplan.
Patio is fantastic.

My major concern is the amount of light coming into the living room and kitchen (only one small window/sliding door)

Don't make fun of my 5 year old sketch :eek:

I can't see the dimensions, so try scanning the floor plan if you have a physical copy.

Basically, you can have half of the wall installed in the bedroom and the rest can be a frosted, glass sliding door. This will allow privacy, more lighting, use more efficient space and the area will look larger when its opened.

A sliding wood door would be great for the WIC, this way you can utilize all the space in the closet, as opposed to having the door block that wall.

Refer to the sophisticated picture above :p

To me, the linen closet and all those doors are a waste. Just make a larger WIC and keep it simple.


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