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Have Your Say on the City's Budget - Try the budget allocator

City of Mississauga

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May 15, 2017
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Mississauga’s annual Business Plan and Budget details how the City intends to spend taxpayer money to deliver the services residents expect. Business planning and budgeting ensure our resources are spent wisely.

The City’s annual operating budget is approximately $760 million. Of that, about $460 million came from property taxes in 2017. These funds go toward services such as transit, roads, recreation programs and parks.

Spend more? Spend less? Have your say on the City’s budget:

• try the budget allocator

• sign up to participate in a telephone budget session

• attend Community Meetings in Ward 9 and Ward 2

request a meeting for your Mississauga-based community group

• email

• follow the City on Facebook and Twitter

• attend or watch a Budget Committee meeting. All Budget Committee meetings are open to the public and are available via live stream

• connect with the Mayor or your Councillor at

Results from the allocator received by November 1 will be shared with Budget Committee on November 20. The results will help inform the committee’s review of the proposed 2018 Business Plan and Budget.

For more information, visit