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Hamilton New Bus Barn | ?m | 5s | City of Hamilton


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Mar 8, 2010
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Hamilton will be starting construction on a new bus storage and maintenance facility this year, capable of storing 200 buses (which would be the majority of Hamilton's fleet, from what I recall). The garage will be located at 2 Hillyard Street, 10 Hillyard Street, 70 Brant Street, and 80 Brant Street, in the lower city. This is notable as while the majority of bus service hours in Hamilton are in the lower city, the only current garage is way up by the airport far away from most bus service areas, resulting in very large deadheading times.

The new garage is expected to relieve significant bus crowding issues at the current garage (which involves parking many buses in a gravel parking lot behind the garage and the employee parking lot overnight) and provide a base for Hamilton to increase service levels into the future.

The $264 million project has funding from federal infrastructure funds:

Some renderings from the tender documents:


Wow the day is finally coming after the long awaited talks over the past 2 decades. This thing is way, way overdue.