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Hamilton Hwy 6 and Airport Questions


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Aug 10, 2009
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Doing a little research and trying to confirm two things:

1) What was the exact date the Hwy 6 extension opend from the 403 south towards the Hamilton Munro Airport; and,
2) I'm looking for resources for chronological order of ownership of the Airport itself.

On-line.. I've been able to narrow the highway opening to 2004-2005, but no exact date. And I've confirmed the airport was originally owned by the Federal department of Defense, the Department of Transport.. then i have a big timeline gap leading up to the City of Hamilton taking ownership.

If anyone can't point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated!
Wikipedia is your friend.

The airport was originally built in 1940 as the Mount Hope Airport, a Royal Canadian Air Force base. During World War II, the field hosted two units for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan: first, No.10 Elementary Flying Training School (later moved to RCAF Station Pendleton) using the De Havilland Tiger Moth and Fleet Finch, then No.33 Air Navigation School using the Avro Anson. After the war, the airport gradually shifted towards civil use, until the military ceased using it as a base for Air Reserve operations in 1964.

Hamilton turned over operation of the airport to TradePort International Corp. in 1996. In 2007 YVR Airport Services (YVRAS), which runs the Vancouver International Airport, took over 100 per cent ownership of TradePort in a $13-million deal.

I'm not sure there was a hard date on the extension opening, but I'd put it between June 8, 2005 and Aug 16, 2005.