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Floor Plan Review


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Feb 23, 2015
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Hey guys, can I get some reviews on this floor plan? 700 sq ft, 2 bedroom but only one person will be residing in it




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Way too much jammed into such a little space.

The 2nd bedroom is utterly useless. It's really just a den. Feels way too cramped. I hate linear kitchens
exactly, a room less than 7 feet is barely a bedroom. You can't access the closet with a bed in there.
It's also a waste of corner views and light for a crummy room -- I would get rid of the door and closet and replace sliding translucent sliding glass doors so you could occasionally close it off for a den or a guest room (with a small day bed), or keep it open to expand the living area. Unfortunately you can't really move the fan coil unit that sticks out between the two windows.

I don't like it when a door blocks access to another door, like in the bedroom and ensuite bath. It's a rather poor design. A pocket or sliding door to the bedroom could remedy this.
Why does a 2 bedroom unit need 2 bathrooms? I'd be annoyed knowing 10% of my unit is only useful 1% of the time.

Enlarge the master bedroom by moving the wall ~18 inches towards the useless small bedroom. Then move the m-bedrm closet into the space created by moving the wall. You'll now have a larger closet and a larger bedroom!

Remove the small bedroom's door & closet, put in some wheeled shelving and you'll have a flexible space--den? office? crash pad?

Replace that stupid W/D door with a bi-fold door.

Ideally, I'd remove the en-suite bathtub and move the wall inches from the toilet/sink accesible via a sliding/bi-fold door: Even bigger bedroom!

Finally, I'd install a centre island with pots'n pans rack above--BLINGware style :)--and dine al fresco!
Hey guys,

Thanks so much for all the insight, much appreciated! Given that this is building is about a year from being completed, what steps should I take if I wish to implement any (or all) of the changes noted above?

Also, all the blacked-out lines in the walls are load-bearing and fixed. Taking this into consideration, what is the easiest / most beneficial changes I can make? Are pocket doors easy to install manually

thanks again!
Depending on the size of your furniture-the MB could be a little snug. The footprint on the plan shown above, is for a bed in there measuring approx. 60"x 73".
Below are the standard dims for mattresses only (no frame, headboard or footboard)
Double(Full): 54x74
Queen: 60x80
King: 76x80
So I don't think it would be possible to have a dresser opposite the bed.
If you don't need the closet storage in the 2nd bed, remove door, closet fittings and have a desk/work area in the niche. Use it as a Den with optional sleeping available in sofa.
The rendering below is the unit with no changes just to see how things will fit.
Musee 2J-Plan[2].jpg


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It's funny that the builder's plan shows a TV in every room. It's a bit misleading to suggest there's actually room at the foot of those beds with those room dimensions.
A possible layout based on some of urbandreamer's suggestions above. The existing closet removed in the Master and relocated to area opened up by moving wall into 2nd bedroom. I made it 24" deep, the same as existing closet and it's HUGE. The false wall for the Den pocket door removes another few inches from the Den. As long as there is enough room to flip open a bed sofa, it is a very versatile space.


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...some other views


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