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Fairview Public School (MCC, 3590 Joan Dr, ?, ?)


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Apr 24, 2007
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Mississauga, where cars rule city growth
The current Public School went under a major expansion 10 years ago to meet the demand for more space in an outdated school. The expansion was good for yesterday then, let alone what was coming down the road for the area.

Currently, students are being bus out of the area and with the plan Baif development to the west of it, it will put more pressure on having students bus out of the area. Then you got the development on Elm Dr as well to the north of the current school.

The building will be torn down and rebuild along the plan Webb Dr expansion and will have a Webb address. The play field will be move to the south where the current school is located. Having seen no plans yet for the school, I expect to see an L school with part of the L where the new expansion is.

Unless is school is 4s+, it will not meet the demand down the road to the point the current Adult Education Centre will have to be either converted for it as well the school kids or be torn down and rebuilt to handle both, since that school is out dated as well.