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Please try going to LinkedIn and search for his name. His public profile used to be available for view, but for some reason, I cannot access it any more.
The address is ca.linkedin.com/in/francismoon


Pretty sure this is his Facebook page (문혁주): https://www.facebook.com/francis.moon.35

Francis Moon looks to have two kids, daughter and son, I wonder if they know the scandal he's been embroiled in?


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No problem. My lawyer told me no need to go to the court on Sept 2nd. He said this should be a pretty simple and quick court ordering and should approve the protocol for the return of deposit moneys held by Bratty same day. But anyway I will share information as I can. God bless!

To whom dealing with Bratty,

Please update us and share the results of the hearing which will be held on Sep 2nd.

Please keep in mind that any sort of information can be helpful for us, who are dealing with Meerai Cho.

I really wish that you can have your money back.

No problem. My lawyer told me no need to go to the court on Sept 2nd. He said this should be a pretty simple and quick court ordering and should approve the protocol for the return of deposit moneys held by Bratty same day. But anyway I will share information as I can. God bless!

Can't wait for Sept 2! I'll feel like i've won the lottery when i get my deposits back!! I'm trusting the justice system on this one and make sure we get what belongs to us back, asap.

I'm not an investor/buyer of this development, but I haven't seen much other factual information other than what I have seen in the news which doesn't seem overly accurate. For example, it says Meerai shouldn't have touched the trust funds at all, but developers can access the funds in a trust held by a trustee with conditions.

A developer can access up to $20,000 of each buyers deposit upon registration with Tarion. At that point, the amount deposited in trust up to that $20,000 amount is considered covered by Tarion and the developer can use the funds to finance construction. Furthermore, the developer can then further access more funds from this trust account beyond the $20,000 on the basis that they secure a developer surety or ECDI/CDI policy. Those policies cover deposits in excess of $20,000 and also on deposits not traditionally covered by Tarion (Commercial, etc.). So any of these funds that are removed for construction or related activities, are covered in the case of loss or non-fulfillment by the developer.

So based on that, when Meerai publicly stated that she mis-handled the funds, either she somehow didn't fully understand which safeguards had to be in place before releasing the funds, was exploited by some loophole by the developer as her law firm is not primarily focused on real estate, or purposely committed this with intent. Korea has an extradition treaty with Canada signed in 1995, so if the intent was crime, did the players consider their end-game, or did they expect to disappear to some banana republic?
Hello victim,

Since it seems that you are aware of bigger picture, perhaps I can be of some assistance.
The skewed inner workings of the individuals involved, and misconduct by lawyers are just part and parcel of their overall criminal intent.
You seem to know more than most, and if I can assist in strengthening evidence of wrong doing, then let me know as I have evidence that can now be directed to the fraud squad.
I had contact with them in the very early stage of showroom construction, and the lack of professionalism and organization forced me to back out.
Bad news from the beginning and key figures of this project lacked any experience of a project of this scope.
Too bad there are so many victims.
I have the floorplans for this condo. I'm taking reservations but they are not selling at this point. Price per square foot is $450-480 and that includes parking and locker so it is much cheaper than the Gibson Square. It's a 40k difference for a 2 bedroom. The only thing is it doesn't have the direct subway access but still a quick walk to the subway.

Curious, Anthony, if the way you vet condos to pump has changed in light of this failure you helped promote? I do not mean this as an attack or to implicate you. It's been a go go market for a few years now and I wonder if you and other agents will do things differently moving forward?
I'm glad to hear some of you are getting your money back.

@Victim: your thread with all the key players is great information, but I suggest removing the address. In such a heated moment, people might act irrationally.

IMHO, the only people at fault are the developer and the lawyer. The Realtor was probably chosen by the developer to handle the paperwork, she presented what she was given to her by the developer. I doubt she knew anything scandalous was brewing. Heck, if I was asked by a developer to sell their units (and get a small commission per sale), I'd memorize all the marketing material and present it the best I could. The only due diligence a Realtor can really do is ensure the land is owned by the developer, and permits are being sought. As for Francis, I believe he's also just a pawn in the scheme. I'm not familiar with the inner workings of the mortgage brokers, but mortgages get transferred to other companies all the time (sure, there's commission involved, but that's not fraudulent).

Who really gained in this scheme? Follow the money, the rest are pawns and victims. The lawyer lost quite a bit in this, so she might be a pawn too. Perhaps she's not experienced in real estate law, but I don't see her gaining anything out of this (unless she disappears later to join up with Joseph).
Hi yRealtor,

To make a long story short, these people stayed involved in the condo sale and mortgage loan investment, KNOWING that the condo project was already dead.
After Joseph fled with money sometime in 2010, they should have never sold any condo nor told people to invest on properties that they cannot sell with decent price any more.
They continued lying to clients so that they can charge ridiculously high commissions.

Also, if they're not at fault, they did not have to disappear. They're not around because they will get arrested sooner or later.

You might be right. But from what I read, in 2010, money was transferred to Joseph. The project wasn't dead yet, the "pawns" were going ahead with their job of selling the project. Whether they know what's happening or not is debatable. If I was innocently caught in something like this, I'd disappear too for a while due to the backlash. But in any case, I'm probably missing crucial details to frame an accurate picture. I just hope everything gets sorted out and justice prevails.
Hey Victim,

You'd need to be careful on what you're posting here. If any of the information turns out to be untrue, you could be liable for the misinformation which could be a serious offence. You might be misleading hundreds of innocent victims as well as the police investigation.

Out of curiosity, have you purchased any unit?