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Photo of the Day: East Bayfront Sunrise

East Bayfront: Overview thread for Park/Bay/Dock/Quayside (SidewalkToronto) neighbourhoods



East Bayfront Rendering

I just noticed on the TWRC website that a PDF for the East Bayfront Zoning Project (August 2nd Public Meeting) is up that has a rendering I have never seen before on its front page. Looks pretty nice.


Cool. Great find! Those taller buildings look like Empire State Buildings with the top half chopped off.


Damn that is well done. Bring on the shovels (and with a design review panel, there is a hope that we will get decent design too).


Looks alright. My concern lies with the relatively small size of the land block and its isolation from the city to the North. I think it is a bit shy of having the critical mass to function as a thriving community. Living there might well have an urban "outpost" feeling for a decade or two.

afransen TO

This plan looks great. I'm really impressed. It was worth the wait, and better than quickly letting something like CityPlace happen.

building babel

Though, in defence of City Place, I think it is perfectly legitimate to have a highrise district for people who have no interest in lively street life on their doorstep, or knowing their neighbours, or being part of a community. Some folks just want to go home at night to their little box in the sky and that's it. They have rights too. I used to live in a highrise and know the feeling. You socialize on your terms, when you want to.


It looks fine, but doesn't it cut the waterfront off from the rest of the city? You certainly won't be able to see any water from Queens Quay.


Thanks for the link - I am moving it to Toronto Issues where waterfront threads traditionally belong.

re: rendering

Keep in mind that the buildings are just a representation of the possible built form, with nothing to do with their design.


There are breaks at the built form along QQ that would allow for views to the lake. The public space (parks) at the slips would also allow for such at key intersections along the same route.



I find the view corridors rather silly and completely unnecessary. Other than that, the plan looks good. TWRC's on a roll...let's cross our fingers and hope everything materializes as planned.

"I think it is perfectly legitimate to have a highrise district for people who have no interest in lively street life on their doorstep, or knowing their neighbours, or being part of a community."

We only know the names of one family on our street...if I met any other of my neighbours somewhere around town, I wouldn't recognize them. Yet while briefly living in an 8 storey commie block, I met and learned more about my neighbours then I have living in this house for 14 years. It helped that the neighbours in the apartment building were all retired white people who had little more to do than sit on the balcony all day, while my current neighbours are an assortment of Asian folk, many of whom have a limited command of conversational English.


This plan looks quite good, and I look forward to something happening there. I think it is cool that Redpath continues to exist in the middle of all of this, I wonder what would happen to the site and buildings if they were to relocate.

I don't see any accommodation of bicycle trails, but they might be implied somewhere.

Although these slides are for the west precinct, not the east, I seriously hope that when they do the east, that they redirect Queen's Quay away from Parliament and have a continuous street down to the water. Earlier plans seemed to accommodate something like that, but these show only the existing.