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Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes)

Shaw. Boom.

It's definitely a little narrow but there are other similar instances around the city. The green paint implies it's a shared area, no?
I‘m pretty sure green paint just means bike lane, it’s just only used in areas where it is necessary to make it clearer to motorists.
They should have put it on the other side where there's more space. Looks to be the minimum size they could've squeezed it in
Was just on Harbord so my partner could drop into CAFE. As with every time I'm there, someone was parked in the bike lane on the north side of Harbord. I saw him come out of CAFE, get into his car and drive off. Then I watched a family with a small child on bikes almost get hit by a car pulling out of Robert Street. Then a guy pulled his car into the bike lane on the south side of Harbord and get out. I yelled, "That's not a parking spot, it's a bike lane" and he said, "I'll just be a minute". I cursed him out (yeah I and he just did not care and went inside CAFE.

I'm loving all the bike lanes, but I've had it with paint on the road. There needs to be concrete barriers everywhere to protect cyclists and make it impossible to park there. I just wrote to and Cllr Mike Layton asking for concrete barriers on Harbord around that area, but I'm at a loss. Is there any formal way to request these types of things? Any way for the public to vote on where we need protection, etc?
Are you a member of Cycle Toronto? They are the largest cycling advocacy group. Working with your councillor is a good thing, and Layton is a friend to cycling. There are also ward cycling groups that you can hook up with to help lobby/advocate.