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Condo Balcony - Decking

The tiles we have aren't wood; they're like a manufactured/plastic tile -- look better than they sound! If you look back, I posted a link to an article that in turn linked to five or six different options. The problem with installing a regular slate tile is just that -- installing it. Water still has to be able to "move", so you can't affix tile to the concrete. The type of tiles people are using here snap together, so they're easily removable and still allow air/water to move.

Do individual tiles tend to move out of place once it's "snapped" in? I'd like to lay decking down on my balcony but my only hesitation is that it might slip out of place and hit/shatter the glass railing (there's a gap between the actual balcony flooring and glass railing).
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We haven't had that problem at all. We've had the tiles for about 2 years now.
Finished my project thanks to Roy G Biv's tip. Got these from Cosco. Quite pleased with the quality and how nicely they cut around tricky areas. Not cheap though. I see Cdn Tire now has these too. $30.00 for a pkg of 4.

Hi Granny, just curious... Are your tiles the cedar or redwood finish? Also, are the eon tiles available for pick up at Costco, or are they online orders only?
Thanks for everyone's input on the different balcony tiling options. I went ahead with the EON balcony tiles and this is the finished product:


As many of you mentioned, these tiles were very easy to install. A little expensive to cover an 85 sq. ft. space, but it was well worth it!
Job very well done, Aiekon. Congratulations. Are these tiles from IKEA?

Very nice!

great look :)

Thank you! The tiles really do make the balcony more inviting now.

KA1 - no, these are the EON balcony tiles that are being sold at Costco and Canadian Tire. They come in a cedar (what I have) and a redwood (what I believe Granny has). Anyway, they are not made out of real wood so they don't fade.