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Condo Balcony - Decking


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May 23, 2007
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Hello All,

I saw a recent MLS listing that showed a photo of the outdoor patio with some sort of decking installed. I liked the look of it and am wondering if something similar might improve the look of my 135 square foot balcony.

Just wondering if anyone has seen or installed something like this and what the opinions are.
There was a thread about this a while ago, with some great photos of a balcony deck at Spire which have regrettably now disappeared. You can get decent balcony deck tiles at IKEA. I haven't installed these myself, but I'm planning to when I move into a place with a balcony. I hope this helps.
We installed some tiles that we got at Rona. They snap together, it took less than an hour to do and looks so much better.
^ thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

I've decided I'm definitely going to do something with the balcony, now just trying to decide between strips or tiles.
Having some difficulties finding something myself. Indoor/outdoor carpet is out.
Spotted a a stick together linoleum product at Home Depot that looked reasonably realistic to smooth granite. This really is meant for indoor so I wonder id it would hold up through a couple of winters. They also had a rubber type decking that snapped together. Looked kind of bleh though.
Whats the RONA product like?
It's like a tile; snaps together. You can also get edging pieces. We installed it a couple of years ago and it's lasted just fine through winters, etc. Cleans easily. We've been happy with it. I've also seen snap-together pieces that look like wood -- I've wondered how that would last.
Costco has this stuff as well.

Thanks for that tip, Roy.
I liked the look of that.
Just placed an order for the redwood decking. It wasn,t cheap. My bill for four cartons (80 sq. ft.) was over 600.00.
Will let you all know how that turns out (with a photo).
Look forward to seeing it; you're right, it isn't cheap! I think ours worked out to about $250 but if yours is nicer, I'd rather spend the money. We'll be doing a couple of balconies next year.
This is a great thread since I definitely plan to add decking to my balcony once it's built.

Not a fan of the IKEA "Platta" wood tiles... just don't like the look. I like the EONs at Canadian Tire... preferably if the wood can be linked in one direction as opposed to criss cross as shown the photo. Do all of these come with edging? Because depending on the balcony, that may be necessary. Also at Market Wharf, the balconies will wave meaning one end will be wider than the other. That could be a challenge perhaps.
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The ones from Rona weren't wood; they're fake tile -- it was less than $150 to do our balcony but we did it a couple of years ago so I don't remember exactly details. Sorry!
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