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CN train derails near Quebec City


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CN train derails near Quebec City; no one hurt

Updated Sat. Feb. 18 2006 5:05 PM ET

Canadian Press

VAL-ALAIN, Que. — A CN train derailed Saturday in a town just south of Quebec City although no one was hurt.

Two locomotives and five train cars skipped off the tracks in Val-Alain at about 8:30 a.m. and plowed into a woman's backyard.

"You don't know what to think because you're a bit stunned, it's a bit of a shock,'' Line Renaud told Radio-Canada's all-news channel RDI. "It's not every day that you have a train in your backyard a few feet from your house.''

Local residents were worried because the train was carrying fuel from an Ultramar refinery to Montreal and the same train has reportedly derailed several times in the past.

A small amount of diesel from one of the locomotives spilled onto the ground, but apparently not enough to pose any problems.

The accident, which took place after another train let it pass, is believed to have been caused by ice on the tracks.
The train's driver suffered from mild shock.

CN spokeswoman Julie Senecal said the company was investigating the cause of the accident.

"The wagons were not damaged so we're putting them back on the rails. We're also waiting for a special crew to put the locomotive back on the rails,'' she told the all-news channel LCN.

In an unrelated accident, several CP boxcars remain perched precariously over the St. Lawrence River on Montreal's Mercier bridge.

The cars were derailed Friday by high winds during a storm which also created deadly conditions on the province's highways.

Repair crews are expected to try to lift the six cars back onto the track.


ice can derail a train?? i assume if the tracks are submerged in ice.

how much wind does it take to derail a train! that must have been a crazy storm.