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Chinese workers build 15-story hotel in just six days


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if only construction of mid-rises was this quick in Toronto.

Chinese workers build 15-story hotel in just six days

Fri Nov 12, 3:29 PM
Brett Michael Dykes
The Upshot

As the United States and China battle over the finer points of currency manipulation at the G-20 summit, American negotiators may want to take note of this startling testimonial to the productivity of Chinese workers: A construction crew in the south-central Chinese city of Changsha has completed a 15-story hotel in just six days. If nothing else, this remarkable achievement will stoke further complaints from American economic pundits that China's economy is far more accomplished in tending to such basics as construction.

Meanwhile, it's easy to imagine the disorientation of Changsha residents who'd gone away, or who just hadn't recently ventured into the downtown neighborhood of the new Ark Hotel: "Honey, I don't remember a hotel there, do you?"

The work crew erected the hotel - a soundproofed, thermal-insulated structure reportedly built to withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake - with all prefabricated materials. In other words, a crew of off-site factory workers built the sections, and their on-site counterparts arranged them on the foundation for the Ark project.

Despite the frenetic pace of construction, no workers were injured - and thanks to the prefab nature of the process, the builders wasted very few construction materials. Below is a time-lapse video that shows the hotel being built from the ground up in less than a week:
Haha~ this was a question that all of Chinese immigrants would raise when we first came here - Why are all the constructions so slow here? I still remember when I first landed Ottawa there was a bridge expansion construction. It has taken more that two years for completion. Our experience back in China the road will be blocked only during mid-night and until the early morning all would be completed (one night). Then we figured it is not only for constructions, it is for everything, bank lines, waiting time for your family doctor etc...I refer this as Canadian speed.
the beauty of pre-fab and working around the clock.
I wonder if the schedule includes interior finishing and wonder what the inside looks like.

A pre-fab condo would be an intersting proposition.
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It will not include the interior finishing. In China, even you pay millions for a luxury home, the standard is no interior finishing. The concept is everyone will have their own interior design (including structural change). So instead of peel off what builder will give you, you can build up for your own living style / selections from the scratch.
Chinese engineering at it's finest......

Chinese engineering at it's finest......


Too funny. I am sure unfortunately we could find comparable North American situations however.

I am reminded that engineers in Canada wear an Iron Ring to remind them of humility. Something about a bridge that was built about a Century ago if I remember correctly that collapsed.