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Chicken Fat Perambulation #2 (Slight Return)


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Apr 23, 2007
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Intriguing concept, perhaps...

Chicken Fat Perambulation #2 (Slight Return)
architectural musings for ESP-Disk fans
Host: Adam Sobolak
Type: Music/Arts - Performance
Network: Global
Date: Monday, August 3, 2009
Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Location: next to the ghost of Shopsy's
Street: NW Corner Yonge + Front
City/Town: Toronto, ON

Making up for an abortive Sun July 26 start, Monday Aug 3 will see part two of the "metatouristic linear street theatre", eventually to cover all of Yonge Street up to Steeles in 2-hour segments. Starting at Yonge + Front and headed northward until 2 hours are up, wherever that is. Once again: PWYC, $5 or $10 suggested. And for you stragglers: if you don't catch catch us at the starting point, move up Yonge or thereabouts and you'll more than likely catch us. It's all fluid and open-ended (that is, unless it's aborted yet again).

"As the title indicates, imagine Sir Nikolaus Pevsner colliding with Will Elder.
"A touch of architecture, a touch of history, a touch of psychogeography, a touch of urban exploration, a whole lot of psychodrama, in a way that only Adam Sobolak--onetime CIUT late-night fixture, executive member of the Toronto Architectural Conservancy, and all-around urban gadfly (not to mention author of the immortal "Pioneers Of Modern Design: From Britney Spears To Christina Aguilera")--can manage. Don't expect the over-authoritative or over-systematic: it's one continuous interactively animated sensual shimmering urban riff and vamp."