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Chicago Tribune compliments Toronto's transit system -- thoughts?

Surely there would be some sort of news stories or something about the train crash? Searches bring up nothing except this Silver Streak movie.

Indeed - an accident like this would have been talked about by the historians and left traces around - plus how can it physically end up there? Forgetting even the position of the locomotive - getting into the great hall would mean having to barrel through the shed across tracks at a fairly high speed, which is highly unlikely.

The Silver Streak train ran from Los Angeles to Chicago, so I'm not sure how it would have ended up 800km away at Union Station anyway.
Does this make it more Toronto-credible?

- Paul

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I remember that crash vividly. Was very mysterious circumstances.
It was right after the Victorine tower explosion. They ultimately had to demolish the tower and it was replaced with Scotiaplaza.