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Charlotte Condos, The (Whitby, Castleview Developments, 6s, V+A Architects)


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Sep 21, 2013
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Midtown Toronto
Thankfully this Whitby development has a name, because it's municipal address of 500 Dundas Street East would have been rather confusing.

Staff Report
  • The proposed development is for a 6-storey residential apartment building comprised of 59 units. The proposed building includes a total of 74 parking spaces predominantly within a 2 storey underground parking garage, with limited surface parking spaces on the north side of the building. Vehicular access is to be provided from Pine Street. The proposed development provides at grade bicycle parking, at grade indoor and outdoor amenity uses, including a green rooftop terrace. Each residential unit also includes a balcony. The residential units would include a mix of 1 to 3 bedrooms.
  • In the initial August 2018 submission, the proponent proposed to demolish the entire existing building, and retain an outdoor courtyard made up of materials salvaged from the heritage building (refer to Attachment #3). As a result of subsequent discussions with the Heritage Whitby Advisory Committee and Town staff, the proponent has revised the proposal to better commemorate the heritage significance of the existing building by integrating elements into the proposed new building.


Occupancy: Anticipated For 2023 according to broker page.

The heritage element of the existing property explained here for those interested.