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News   Aug 11, 2020
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Brampton Transit has a new logo. Check it out.



The new logo has been on the new Novabuses since they began to arrive in December.

In twenty years, BT has used four "logos".

Pink logo, 1976 (and pre-dates this somewhat, from the old Chinguacousy Township dial-a-ride, hence the lazy b, to resemble a rotary phone dial)

Starting in 1986, but first applied to buses in 1987, is the second logo. Same lazy b, new font, now red and blue.

Buses from 1996 onwards, and new paint schemes lost the "b", so BT no longer had a logo, and the "b" was not used on publications, etc.

Then the blue-on-red lettering, still no logo, 2002-2005.

And then this new logo.

Meanwhile, Mississauga, HSR (not really changed in 100 years), TTC, etc. kept the same logos for years, perhaps with minor modernization. I'd don't know what Brampton wants.

Anyway, four more days and I'm outta here.


That "red white and blue" wave looks like it came out of the Greyhound logo. I wonder if the rebranding would make the buses look like Greyhound coaches.

edit: looks like fiendish has made that observation already!


the one on the bus picture looks slick. They should go back with that one.


Gone are the days when anyone puts any creativity into logos. This is right up there with the Durham Region Transit logo, but better than that Ajax Pickering Transit logo. Why change the one they had... at least it had a recognizable symbol.

Guide to creating today's logos:
- Spell out the entire name of the company/transit system, don't simplify with a shortform or acronym in the logo and remember that no name is too long to be in a logo... save shortforms like BT for documents instead of the logo so you can confuse your audience.
- Choose a colour or two (not three... are you crazy!)
- Add a wave, elipse, or simple geometric shape.

Ta da! You are now looking at your new logo. Why necessitate writing your company name next to the logo in a special font all the time when your company name can be the logo itself.