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Best elementary GTA schools


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Sep 8, 2010
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Hi there... I know there's a wealth on information about this on the net and i indeed found tons... but there's so much it's overwhelming
I was looking for something like a summary showing the best elementary schools on the GTA or by district... mostly public...
i went into the Ontario's ministry of education site and the EQAO website as well but neither show you a summary and comparison between schools

Is there an online resource where you can see in a simplified manner the best/worst elementary schools in the GTA based on grades/student density, etc?

Any help is much appreciated

I think these things tend to be aligned with good neighborhoods. In Toronto, the best schools are closest to the YUS subway line and along the Bloor west village area. Generally a good school is in a neighborhood of high middle to high income groups.
Home school.
I've always had the impression that the more affluent the neighbourhood the better the public schools there were.
Just like there seems to be more policing and much greater municipal level upkeep.

Just go to Mississauga and look around Lorne Park, then drive on over next door to Clarkson to see what I'm talking about.

Having bounced around a number of elementary schools myself (about 5, my parents had a strange fetish for buying new homes and moving us) the schools in the nicer areas certainly seemed to have their act together better.