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May 9, 2009
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For those who have requested a second parking spot - I received an answer from Fernbrook today that once they have clear idea how many additional parking spots are available, they will start calling the people in the existing waiting list, offering them to purchase it. They mentioned this will happen very close to the occupancy date.

I have to say I am pleased that the builder answers every time I ask a question to which the sales office does not have an answer.
Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and can't wait to join in the discussion about Aria!!

About 5 months ago, I chose the decor for the unit. Yesterday evening I got a call from the decor consultant telling me that there was an computer program errors in calculating the total upgrade costs. It's about $1000 extra that I have to pay (in addition to the cost that was originally calculated at the decor session).

Anyone heard of this computer program error before?
Welcome to Urban Toronto YYZ_M. Which phase are you in?

With respect to the issue you mentioned, unfortunately this happend to us as well (twice):

1) After our initial colour selction appointment, we went home and reviewed the invoice. Everything looked correct, however the math didn't add up. I noticed that their system had listed the upgraded fridge but the associated cost did not get added to the bill. We decided to call and advise them since we knew they'd find it eventually. We had to go back in and sign the revised document.

2) Many months later (probably back in November or December) we were called again indicating that they (the decor centre) had been given incorrect pricing for certain upgrades by Head Office (Fernbrook). Some of the pricing worked against us (i.e. price increase) while others actually worked in our favor (price decrease). I really let them have it since this was not our fault, and appeared to feel quite bad about it. They worked with us to adjust some of the pricing of other items to minimize the overall increase we'd incur. We had also changed our mind about a couple of our selections and were able to make changes. In the end we spent another $300 or so but got about $600 worth of 'upgrades' so we couldn't complain too much.

If I were you, I would complain and see if they can do anything for you.
Hi and welcome,

We were asked to go to the sales centre two times but the reason given was that they were using some "wrong" form for the credit card and we had to re-sign everything once again. No price changes in the agreement but they mentioned that many of the options have changed their prices (mostly up). For your case, as the Professor suggested, I also would challenge this. Five months after purchase to tell you that there was a $1000 mistake is hard to swallow.
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TheProfessor and Bash, thank you for sharing the information. I am sure we are not the only one having this problem. I am in Phase 2, what about you guys?

I had a call with the Decor Consultant this afternoon and told her that I was not happy about the extra cost, especially it took 5 months to find out this error. She said she couldn't do much because the Head Quarter (Fernbrook) won't adjust/decrease the costs. Anyway, I have scheduled an appointment with her later this week, hope I can get something out of this when meeting in person.

Will keep you guys posted on the outcome after the appointment.
One thing keep in mind - for these matters nothing or very little depends on the reps and decor consultants at the sales centre so don't expect much from them... instead you may want to call Fernbrook directly. Ask for Sharron.