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Air Canada flight 621 crash in Brampton

Prometheus The Supremo

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Apr 23, 2007
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a strange reality, bizarro toronto
i won't be eating an beets anytime soon.

what a mess. i know someone who went to go see the aftermath when it crashed and they said that there were body parts everywhere and clothing (from peoples luggage) hanging from the trees.

as for the right to a religious burial, it just goes to show you how this religious nation of ours (even more so then) cares. god in the anthem, prayer in the legislature, back then they probably prayed in public schools, etc. but when a plane of fellow christians crashes, they pickup some of the big pieces and leave the rest to rot. why? probably has to do with the fact that dead people can't vote.

why they would allow farming on a site with human remains and now a subdivision is just appalling.

299 bloor call control.

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Aug 2, 2007
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The subdivision they're planning there is going to have a memorial site for Flight 621...
...of course, this is along with another couple thousand sprawling single family homes.