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596 Church Street (Church 18 Holdings, 25s, RAW) DEAD

the neighbourhood

Church St does have a lot of potential...... but demolishing apt dwellings and adding a sky scraper to the land scape hardly seems rational. The neighbourhood of Gloucester St. would certainly suffer under the shadow of such a monstrosity. The uniqueness of the street is the family dwellings mixed with commercial and lowrises. I wonder what the home owners think of the proposal. I bet they didn't bargin for a highrise when they moved in. Too bad the corner of Church & Wellsley wasn't developed first... then the rest would follow creating a flow up and down the street. It's not to late.
Too bad the [northwest] corner of Church & Wellsley wasn't developed first... then the rest would follow creating a flow up and down the street. It's not to late.

Agreed. The northeast corner of Carlton and Church could also easily support a (an?) harmonious mid-highrise development.
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I'm not feeling it: it looks too bulky to me, it's immediately to the east of 2 and 3 storey homes, the volumes don't seem to relate. Compare it in the last image to how slender the tower to its left is (41 Dundonald), and this suggests to me long narrow bowling-alley type layouts within... although I have no proof that will be the case.

I'd like the Design Review Panel to run this through their ringer a couple of times, and see what we get.


I couldn't agree more. I'd like to see this refined. So much better could be done here.
Updated Photos

Better quality pictures of the buildings involved than what I took last year.

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge, then click again on the image for full size.

67 & 69 Gloucester, to be demolished

580/582, 584 (to be demolished), 592 & 596 (to be demolished) Church St. photographed from Dundonald & Church

580/582 Church St.

596 Church St. & 67/69 Gloucester (all to be demolished) + 592 & 580/582 Church visible as photographed from Gloucester & Church

Once again, a map of the affected properties for reference

Not acceptable.
This development is absurd. This successful charming urban block is going to become sterile, antiseptic, and boring. We have south of Front for that already, we don't need it elsewhere.
What? You don't want this block to be replaced with this?:

You crazy fool!!
Agreed, ganjavih.

I really feel that Alklay's picture reinforces what I've been saying about those "arcades" along the bottoms of buildings. They're unattractive and forbidding. They make the building less pleasant to walk beside, not more, and they can't do wonders for the businesses tucked away under them.
I think somebody came up with the idea as some kind of weather protection thing. It obviously makes no sense since they're rarely continuous and you're going to get wet when you cross the road anyway.
I saw a sticker on the application sign on the site that said there would be a neighbourhood meeting at 519 next Thursday, June 17th. at 7 pm. This didn't look like an official ward sanctioned meeting, but could be.
That would be the 519 Community Centre, 519 Church Street just north of Wellesley on the east side - across the street from this proposed atrocity. I'll be there.