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News   Sep 22, 2023
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2022/23 Russian-Ukrainian War

There's definitely some stuff that could be said of both Putin and Biden's speeches today. Russia still seems to be getting nowhere on the ground but more interestingly there are rumours that Russia is going to try and capture the Chisinau international airport and that Moldova is preparing their security forces for such an event.

While Moldova may be an easier target, it would be a repeat of the same failed plan to capture Hostomel airport in the early days of the Ukraine invasion.

Maybe it's all hersey but if it's not it's utterly rediculous and there is no question that there is turmoil in Moldova at the moment.
Right now I think a lot of people are just waiting to see what China will announce next week with their peace plans. But also what will come out of the meeting between Russia and China. There's concern that China "may" provide lethal aid to Russia; which I see it as China testing out their military hardware just like how Iran has been doing so with there drones. We have no idea what China has been sending to Russia, it ranges from clothing to military hardware parts.
Todays UN vote on the situation. Russia is not in good company!

Canada donating 4 more tanks to Ukraine, and some additional support.

From the above:

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It's a bit shambolic for the what, the 9th largest economies of the world.


I think, overall the aid program to Ukraine has been a bit too understated and slow throughout; there's a line of thought that if we have provided more sooner it might have had a very positive effect on the ground.

Be that as it may, Canada has been a relatively large support of Ukraine in both financial and military terms. Far more so than most other countries.

I do wish we would be a bit less haphazard about it; but that could be said equally of Germany, the U.K or many others.

As I noted in this post about a month ago; Canada is the #4 donor to Ukraine world wide; and #3 on a per capita basis:

Edit to add, I found data that is now good to late January instead of November: