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136-142 Church St East and 55-61 Beech St (Brampton, Sterling Group, 34m, 14s, KFA)


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Apr 24, 2007
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Ward 13 - Toronto Centre
Earlier in 2021, a proposal went to Brampton planning staff for a new residential development on the northwest corner of Church and Beech Streets, to the east of the downtown core and immediately north of Brampton Cemetery. After staff expressed concerns with the site plan (specifically the crowding of four stacked townhouse units and a multistory apartment building) the developer came back with a revised plan.

The preservation of one heritage listed c. 1880 Ontario cottage style house on Church Street - moved slightly west within the land assembly is still proposed. The other five houses on the site would be torn down.

To address planning staff concerns, the number of townhouse blocks is reduced from four to three, with more landscaping and setback to neighbouring detached houses on the north, with the total number of townhouse units reduced from 88 to 50. To compensate, the apartment block will increase to 14 storeys with step backs above the fourth storey and will contain a total of 273 units. There will also be more parking - two levels of underground parking with a total of 347 spaces including 299 for residents and 48 for visitors (with two spots at surface).

I suspect this will be approved, as Brampton usually does for higher-density development proposals these days.

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