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    North Oakville

    Pictures were taken during a bike ride today (Monday, March 22, 2021) between about 5pm and 6:30pm. Weather was approx. 11-14C (51-57F) and sunny. Isaac Park (attached to St Gregory the Great Catholic School) Shops on Preserve Drive Walkway along Preserve Pond Kaitting House Parkette...
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    Oakville custom home architecture

    I'm back to living with my parents in Oakville, so I thought I'd take some pictures of the new custom homes that have been built here over the past two decades. Some of them are kinda tacky/poorly designed, but I think there's some pretty good ones too.
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    GTA Commuting Patterns

    I had a look at the commuting flow tables available for the 2006 and 2016 census to see which communities were had net in-commuting vs net out-commuting. The image shows communities with net in-commuting in blue and net out-commuting in red, with the surface area of the circle being...
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    Eva's Original Chimneys

    Anyone been there? I'm half Hungarian so kurtoskalacs were a nice treat I got to have when visiting family in Hungary that up until now hasn't been available here. I'll be in Toronto (currently studying at Lakehead) next week for PDAC so I'm hoping to try out Eva's Chimneys and bring some...
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    Weighted density of European and Australian cities

    Here's a neat comparison of weighted density in European vs Australian cities. Their numbers match up to the ones I got for the few European cities I attempted to calculate the weighted densities of...
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    Workplaces/Employment and planning in Toronto Key points: -Zoning can be problematic limit the ability for different components of a business to co-locate, like management offices, manufacturing, research facilities -Export driven sector is...
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    How familiar are Toronto urbanists with the GTA's suburbs?

    Assuming most of us here are "urbanists", are you familiar with the GTA's suburbs, basically anywhere outside Old Toronto? Or is it just that forbidden land north of Bloor that "why would anyone want to go there"? Like I assume most here, I've driven on the highways through the GTA, and visited...
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    Downtown Oakville

    So I've recently returned to Oakville where I grew up. There seem to be a lot more vacant storefronts in the downtown along Lakeshore Rd. I counted 22, which includes vacant for lease storefronts, 1-2 that are boarded up, and a few that are in buildings under renovation. In any case, there's...
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    1235 Marlborough Ct (Oakville, Minto, 14s, ?) COMPLETE

    1229 Marlborough Court: Proposed 16 storey, 140 unit rental building. This is on the same lot as an existing 13 storey building, but this building would be on the wooded area next to Trafalgar. I think the 404 parking spots includes the ones that...
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    SE Oakville

    Took some pictures of homes in SE Oakville last week. The housing stock is getting increasingly varied with the new construction. The homes built as part of the original built out of the neighbourhood include both 2 storey homes And of course the bungalows To some people, SE Oakville might...
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    How much of an impact does zoning/planning have on housing costs and development?

    For all the talk of a housing bubble and housing in Toronto being unaffordable, one of the things I find odd is the type of housing that gets built in response. The two most common types of housing being built right now are: Highrise condo. Usually small units of 400-800sf, most commonly in...
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    2343-2355+2377 Khalsa Gate (Crystal Homes, Oakville, 5s+8s)

    Two rental buildings, the 8 storey building will have 106 units, the 5 storey one will have 63 units and the project will have 305 parking spots. Drawing for the 8s one, it looks like an EIFS slab...
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    St Luke's Retirement Home (Oakville, 6s, FRAM Building Group)

    It would have 116 units at 3136 Dundas W backing onto 14 Mile Creek. Looks like it will have surface parking, but at least it's only 53 spots, it could be worse for 116 units considering the location.
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    1395 North Service (Westbury International, Oakville, 2x7s)

    This is not new, but there's no thread for it, the proposal is for 330,000sf of office along the QEW. I'd rather they build this around Trafalgar, but I don't think it's moving forward very fast. Hopefully things stay that way, I'd rather this get built in Uptown or...
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    Palermo Professional Centre (VGR Investments, SG&M Architects, Oakville, 5s)

    This is a 100,000 sf medical building for Old Bronte Rd and Dundas (SW corner), I guess an improvement over Westbury Corporate Centre.
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    Toronto | The Renaissance Condominiums at the Neighbourhoods of Oak Park | ?m | 5s | Ballantry

    The full name is The Renaissance Condominiums at the Neighbourhoods of Oak Park. This is the corresponding application. It would have ground floor retail and stacked towns at the back, and be located on the South Side of Oak Park between Sawgrass and...
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    Viva Retirement Communities (6s, North Oakville)

    177 units. It will be at the NW corner of Sixteen Mile Drive and Sixth Line.
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    Memory Care Oakville (4s)

    60 unit retirement home. Application:
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    Toronto | Windermere Manor Condos | ?m | 4s | Matas Group

    This building will have 36 units. This photo of it U/C is from a new application for a project just across the street at 174 Lakeshore W. It's about what it looked like when I was last there a couple months ago. Location: Website:
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    One60 Trafalgar (160 Trafalgar, Oakville, Modern Skyline, 4s, Hicks Design Studio)

    A 13 unit development with 22 parking spaces (16 underground, 6 covered spots at the side, screened from the street) at 156-160 Trafalgar Road on what is currently a vacant lot. Most of the trees look like they'll be preserved. West (Trafalgar) elevation: