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    Toronto Zoo Developments

    Not going to be a particularly busy thread since developments at the zoo are usually slower-moving, but some interesting developments from these last few years. March 2018 Swiss Challenge RFP in response to the maglev proposal from Magnovate...
  2. J

    Toronto Official Plan

    Not sure where this might go, but the official plan indicator is here: Some updates regarding how well the city is doing in following its plans, but a lot of 2015 data as well.
  3. J

    Toronto Rental Cost (& AirBnB) Issues

    This is an issue that has been slowly bubbling up over the last year. Rents are shooting up beyond the ability of the middle-class & young people to pay them: And there is...
  4. J

    Ontario Energy & Electricity Production

    So what's exactly happening here? I see people blaming this on green energy and overpaid Hydro employees, others saying that's more to do with energy overproduction, playing catch-up with infrastructure, etc. Is it really going to blunt Ontario's economic recovery or is it just industry...
  5. J

    Hi-Res 360° Aerial Panorama

    Found by the excellent Taller, Better over at This gives a very clear context to the projects going up around the downtown core.
  6. J

    Policy Making- Your Ideal Platform

    Given all this moping and whining about our current candidate's platforms, I think I would be interesting to see people's ideal platforms for this particular election. I'll split it into several sections. Social How will you improve or change the city's social programs? Crime How will...