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  1. SixPoints

    The Islington Towns (Islington/Six Points Road, 3s, Dunpar Homes)

    More Dunpar in South Etobicoke. They must be on the small side, similar to Westwood. Project description says "up to 1800 square feet". Dunpar towns are usually in the 2,000 square foot range.
  2. SixPoints

    The Townes of Richview | 12.19m | ?s COMPLETE
  3. SixPoints

    The Homes of the Bridle Path (?, Urbancorp, 3s)
  4. SixPoints

    Toronto | St. Clair Village | ?m | 3s | Frontdoor | Hunt Design
  5. SixPoints

    The Village by Main Station | 45.41m | 12s | Options for Homes | IBI Group COMPLETE

    Not sure if there is a thread for this already. This is on Trent Avenue which is about midway between Main and Victoria Park (south of Danforth).
  6. SixPoints

    Westwood Towns (3879 Bloor St West, Dunpar, 3s)

    Apologies if there is a thread for this already. This is next to where Kipling Auto Centre currently resides. This is walking distance to Kipling subway. There will be 15 units in total.
  7. SixPoints

    Widdicombe & Eglinton Condos | ?m | 3s | Cityzen | TACT Architecture COMPLETE

    Hopefully there's not a thread out there for this already. Urban townhomes.
  8. SixPoints

    Humber Mews (636 Evans Avenue, Menkes, 3s) This is close to Sherway Gardens. Evans Avenue and Browns line.
  9. SixPoints

    Toronto | Humbertown Redevelopment | ?m | 21s | First Capital | Kirkor Architects

    I read in the Snap Bloor West/Etobicoke real estate guide that First Capital, the owners of the Humbertown Shopping Centre, will submit a formal application to the city for redevopment of the property (mixed use). New stores will be extended to the sidewalk of Royal York Road. The article...
  10. SixPoints

    Article from the Star: NDP vows condo act reform for Ontario

    Tom Smeraldo and Emilio Ojeda walked into their new Cabbagetown-area condo, took one look at their “view†(a brick wall), “balcony†(more of a ledge), and “hardwood floor†(actually laminate) and phoned their lawyer. “We were so disappointed. We just wanted out of the deal,†said...
  11. SixPoints

    Toronto | Vivid Condos | ?m | 20s | Pemberton | Burka

    Next phase.
  12. SixPoints

    Metropass holders wouldn't take this from the TTC

    M.T.A. Approves Transit Fare Increases By MICHAEL M. GRYNBAUM The board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority voted 12 to 2 this morning to approve a package of fare increases for its subways, buses and commuter railroads, the third time in three years that New Yorkers face a...
  13. SixPoints

    Rossi promises traffic tunnel

    Rocco Rossi says as mayor he would build a traffic tunnel from the south end of the Allen expressway right into the downtown core. Rossi called his scheme to extend the Allen from its current end, at Eglinton Ave. W., into the core “the boldest move of the mayor campaign.” One downtown...