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  1. jmacmillan

    Toronto | Lower Don Lands Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    They‘re removing old utilities under Cherry Street.
  2. jmacmillan

    Platform Condos | 31.09m | 9s | Sierra | Kirkor Architects COMPLETE

    However, it seems the Beer Store will be a ground floor tenant. Cycled by the nearly completed building yesterday. Overall, I like the building’s look and scale. I hope we see similar ones on the Danforth, which is in need of modest intensification, especially above a subway line.
  3. jmacmillan

    Bloor Yorkville

    Yesterday, I noticed a drilling rig on the site of the former car wash at 822 Church Street.
  4. jmacmillan

    Toronto | Lower Don Lands Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    Yes, this design is curiously out of date with current practice to put the bike lanes beside the curb. Hopefully, they’ll change it.
  5. jmacmillan

    Toronto | 55C: 55 Charles Condos | 159.4m | 48s | MOD Developments | architectsAlliance

    It’s getting worse everywhere. Recently, I cycled northbound on Yonge Street around 5 pm and counted 6 vehicles, three on each side, between Wellesley and Charles, parked with 4-way flashers on, despite no parking signs at that time of day. Six!
  6. jmacmillan

    Really Well Built Condos

    My problem is less noise related than inconsiderate neighbours. Two who live in nearby units slam their doors, even after a friendly request to close them more quietly. Imagine reading or working quietly in your unit, and hearing doors slam unexpectedly, Water torture! It’s especially...
  7. jmacmillan

    TTC: Scarborough Subway Extension (formerly LRT replacement) (City of Toronto, Design Phase)

    Egregious waste of money. Scarborough needs an LRT network, not a subway.
  8. jmacmillan

    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes headed downtown)

    Raising the road would solve one of the biggest hazards facing cyclists. The edge of the road is often deteriorated. Check out Dufferin in the vicinity of the Yorkdale Mall. It’s treacherous.
  9. jmacmillan

    Toronto | 561 Sherbourne | 128.01m | 43s | Medallion | IBI Group

    There’s always the classic crowded No Frills on Parliament.
  10. jmacmillan

    Toronto | 561 Sherbourne | 128.01m | 43s | Medallion | IBI Group

    The sidewalk is a jumbled mess. What’s going on?
  11. jmacmillan

    Toronto | 415 Yonge | 239m | 61s | Marwest | Kirkor Architects

    The proposed addition clashes with the old. Tear it down and build from scratch.
  12. jmacmillan

    Toronto | 572 Church Street | 54.56m | 16s | Fieldgate | TACT Architecture

    I like it. 15 stories makes sense along this section of Church Street. I've hated that underused parking lot for ages! The proposal is an attractive building which fits into the surroundings. Now the question is when they'll do something with the parking lot on the southwest corner of Bloor and...
  13. jmacmillan

    Toronto | YC Condos -- Yonge at College | 198.42m | 62s | Canderel | Graziani + Corazza

    Given how computerized this building is, I eclectic to read one day an article about the havoc wrecked by a computer virus.
  14. jmacmillan

    Charles-Hayden Parking Garage (+2s) COMPLETE

    It's now closed, including the retail on Hayden.
  15. jmacmillan

    Sixty Colborne Condos | 82.29m | 25s | Freed | a—A COMPLETE

    Shame it's so ugly at ground level. What a contrast to the same developer's projects on King Street West.
  16. jmacmillan

    Toronto | Parliament Street Data Centre | ?m | 5s | BRL Realty | WZMH

    I've always been puzzled why one part of a building, typically the top floor, is completed with steel rather than concrete (e,g., rogers at Isabella and Jarvis; teachers building on Isabella).
  17. jmacmillan

    TTC: Cherry Street reconstruction and streetcar trackage (City of Toronto/TTC, U/C)

    No streetcar service until after the PanAm games. Shame.