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  1. jmacmillan

    Charles-Hayden Parking Garage (+2s) COMPLETE

    2 more floors
  2. jmacmillan

    Toronto | First Parliament Site | ?m | ?s

    "New branches easily cost millions, and the library already has two waterfront projects in its books: moving the St. Lawrence branch to Front and Parliament Sts. and building one at Front and Bathurst Sts." Toronto Star 9 Aug 2010: GT2
  3. jmacmillan

    Toronto | Underpass Park | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto
  4. jmacmillan

    Leaf Blowers: Friend or Foe?

    Should leaf blowers be banned?
  5. jmacmillan

    185 Cherry St Rec Centre (Kleinfeldt Mychajlowycz)

    30. 185 CHERRY ST File Number: A0486/08TEY Zoning I3 D2 (PPR) Owner(s): TORONTO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORP [ Ward: Toronto-Danforth (30) Agent: KMA CONTRACTING INC Property Address: 185 CHERRY ST Community: Legal Description: PL 540 PT BLK 4 RP64R-14524 PT PT 1 INST. # CA373125 95/10...
  6. jmacmillan

    Air Canada Centre's searchlights

    I wonder how forum members feel about the incessant and intrusive light beams splattering across the night sky each night. I might feel differently if they were drawing attention to some special event, like the Luminato Festival. But they're not. To me, they are as welcome as a neighbour's loud...
  7. jmacmillan

    Ronald McDonald House (new location 240 McCaul St, 4s, Montgomery Sisam)

    Here's an interesting tidbit: "Next year will be the biggest so far in Sybil Wa's career. At age 32, young by architectural standards, she's been assigned to the team designing the new $17 million Ronald McDonald House. Located near the corner of McCaul and College Sts, the facility will have...
  8. jmacmillan

    Transit cartoon - trolleybus!

    Check out the Backbench cartoon on page R8 of today's (Thursday, Dec. 20, 2007) Globe and Mail. Double poles. Steering wheel. I wonder if it is an old recycled cartoon OR the cartoonist lives in one of the few places lucky enough to have trolley buses (e.g., Edmonton, Vancouver, Dayton, San...