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  1. Mustapha

    Seoul April 2018. Alleys and Storefronts.

    Hi UT-ers. This is a re-post; after a fashion. I posted some of these pics in May 2018. Then, the post disappeared about a month later. I asked Craig/interchange42 what happened; and he said nothing from their end, so maybe I deleted it in one of my absent-minded hazes. So here they are...
  2. Mustapha

    Honolulu Chinatown. April 2016.

    Several square blocks. Old, very old, but vibrant enough. Reminds me of Toronto's Elizabeth Street Chinatown before its decampment to Spadina Avenue. But with a tropical flavor. Only 3 blocks away from the historic passenger line piers of Honolulu, this Chinatown is fondly remembered by a...
  3. Mustapha

    Antalya, Turkey. Nov 2012. Just a few pics.
  4. Mustapha

    St. Clairsville, OH. Feb 2011. Mustapha stops in town for a coffee/urban exploration

    Just a typical quiet Ohio town. The downtown shown here is awfully quiet; but there is a huge megamall on the edge of town. Said mall also serves the regional area; which seems to be doing alright. Some coal industry and related employment here. The local power plants are coal fueled...
  5. Mustapha

    Sunday St. Lawrence Antique Market. Anyone here go? Any tales of great "finds"?

    I go a couple times a month. The food from the cafe is really good - my fave is this. They always have a special for about $8. which is big enough to share if you order a side of something. The proprietors are real nice. . . . V I found these old cufflinks and this watch...
  6. Mustapha

    A 19 picture stroll down Miami's Lincoln Road Mall (a pedestrianized street).

    July 25, 2010. This street has a real different look and feel from what we Torontonians are used to. Many old buildings re-purposed, but sympathetically. Very busy on this hot July Sunday; it felt like half of Miami was here; strolling up and down.
  7. Mustapha

    T & T Waterfront Night Market. August 6, 7 and 8th. Friday August 6 6pm to 12am Saturday August 7. 6pm to 12am. Sunday August 8. 5pm to 10pm. 222 Cherry Street.
  8. Mustapha

    Old building in Charleston SC portlands area once used as a jail, now offices

    the address is 49 Immigration street. The building dates to 1903. I was on business there and had my camera handy. Possibly something to do with controlling cell doors?
  9. Mustapha

    Chefs House...had lunch here 251 King E at Frederick. If you want to take something home to eat for crazy cheap money, go to 300 Adelaide E, take the lobby flight of stairs up to the lobby, walk over to the hole-in-the-wall in the back known as 'Chef on the Run'. Phone...
  10. Mustapha

    Osbaldeston talk at Riverdale library tomorrow at 6pm

    ""Tuesday, May 26 UNBUILT TORONTO Mark Osbaldeston gives a talk on the Toronto that could have been. $4. Riverdale Library."" I might go..
  11. Mustapha

    Buffalo Naval Park walkabout yesterday: warning ships, tanks and guns content :)

    Was visiting my customer The Buffalo News. This ships display is about 2 blocks away. Across the street from The Buffalo News, the Memorial auditorium demolition is in full swing too (no pictures of the demolition, sorry).
  12. Mustapha

    A walk through the Columbus OH's 'German Village' district

    Feb 15 2009. This area is like Toronto's Cabbagetown.
  13. Mustapha

    US Air Force Museum (Dayton, OH)

    Mods, I don't know if this is wholly appropriate, I haven't seen anything else like this posted here. Feel free to delete and I won't get miffed. I visited this museum a few weeks ago. From the standpoint of American military aeronautical history it's fascinating. There is quite a bit of...
  14. Mustapha

    Metro Toronto Planning dept published this booklet in 1958; here's a selection of

    6 pages for your amusement.:) Chief Constable Chisholm took his own life that very year, 1958. "Chisholm was not up to the politics of the Chief's office, especially in facing off with Fred "Big Daddy" Gardiner who engineered almost single-handedly the formation of Metropolitan Toronto...
  15. Mustapha

    Food Building CNE; then and now.

    Another good CNE for me this year.
  16. Mustapha

    Anybody here have a local tailor?

    I had a chance to walk through the workshop of mine. He's on Sherbourne street so that counts as Toronto content for this forum.:) Some of you folks here who are real estate folks might get a charge out of this sort of thing. Yesterday around the supper hour, I visited Don Lee, sole prop...
  17. Mustapha

    My CNE visit; just a 1/2 dozen pics.

    You either love or hate this place.:p Gramps brought me here back in the day. I do miss the Shopsys. The Wild Mouse too. They used to give away LIVE kittens and budgies as Bingo prizes. The corn dogs are sublime. I'll be back again for the air show. There is a nice historical photo and...
  18. Mustapha

    Off the Toronto topic... some wonderful COLOUR photos from the 1930's/40s

    here. I've spent many hours browsing these old pictures:
  19. Mustapha

    Air Canada flight 621 crash in Brampton

    I was curious about this sad event and decided to Google. Found this: