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    UTSC: Highland Hall (U of T, 5s, Perkins + Will) COMPLETE

    From: Check out the supplementary documentation here including some rendering!!! Here...
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    Sale of the LCBO to OPSEU?

    Exclusive CTV report tonight. Can't find video link yet but will be up soon I presume. LCBO was given purchase offer. Excuse me if this isn't best thread for this topic but didn't think it warranted a new one. According to CTV reporter Paul Bliss on tonight 6pm newscast: Onex Group and...
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    Loop Towns, The (2 Bicknell Av @ Rogers Rd (Surplus TTC Loop) VanMar, 4s, Kirkor)

    New development for the old Ttc loop site. Site seems fairly large and they are proposing three buildings facing the street with surface parking contained behind the buildings. Rough renders and details in the Staff Preliminary Report
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    Toronto | Parkland Eglinton | 32.92m | 9s | Shannex | IBI Group

    Development application submitted and under review for a new low-rise subdivision on Build Toronto lands just east of Kipling and Eglinton: Build Toronto sought out development proposals for a high/mid-rise project with these marketing materials. Kind of a disappointment but its good to...