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  1. Hanlansboy

    Vertical farming tower

    Just thinking out loud, but I do remember a while ago, seeing designs for vertical farming, essentially a skyscraper using hydroponics to produce as much food as is necessary. Ever since COVID-19 struck, it’s become all too apparent that we rely far to heavily on imported fruits and vegetables...
  2. Hanlansboy

    Yonge/Bloor area growth

    just a quick post to show the incredible pace at which the city is growing. I took these pictures from my north facing 20th floor balcony at 77 Howard Street (at Bloor and Parliment). We moved here in 2008, the bulk of the towers are to the left, and 90% of the tallest ones weren’t there when we...
  3. Hanlansboy

    New world trade centre for Downtown Toronto?

    Forgive me if this has already been brought up, I’ve searched various forums, and I haven’t found anything about this, but happened upon it reading the Globe and Mail, just click on the link below to see what I’m talking about. It sounds like a very exciting and challenging project, just curious...
  4. Hanlansboy

    Fold out balcony?

    found this clip on YouTube, thoughts? I'd be hesitant to step onto one on the 80th floor, how strong can that glass be?
  5. Hanlansboy

    Maglev Elevators?

    I was watching a documentary on future skyscraper design, and the one thing that stands out each time is the limit put upon us by conventional elevator design, and thought to myself, why can't they design one that uses the same principles as a Maglev train? Well, I googled it, and found the...
  6. Hanlansboy

    Higher ambitions?

    I've been looking at the major cities across the globe that are building supertalls that put us to shame, and, well, you all know how I hold out hope for my unhinged insane desire for a supertall with design to rival any other one in any city. Granted, I am looking at things through my biased...
  7. Hanlansboy

    Going backwards

    Found this link on Facebook.. Is this to be the new way we treat each other? I know it's not Toronto, but what ever happens in NYC will eventually work it's way here, makes me sick!
  8. Hanlansboy

    Daring heights, awesome pics

    Hi gang, I'm sorry if this is a repeat (if so, please delete this post), I've seen a few of these pics posted, but not all. I found this link, simply stunning shots of our beautiful city, especially the time lapse video, enjoy...
  9. Hanlansboy

    Market confusion

    Stupid question of the day (no surprise coming from me huh?). I've been reading several different sites, one says the condo market is slowly on the rebound, while another says the market has dropped 30% and projects are being put on hold until things rebound. So, what's the actual story? Does...
  10. Hanlansboy

    Observation decks?

    A good friend of mine from Halifax is coming into town on business, so luckily, I'll have a few days to show him around downtown. Like me, he has a passion for skyscrapers, he asked me which towers, aside from the CN tower, have observations decks, but I had no answer to give him. Since many of...
  11. Hanlansboy

    Need better community planning.

    I've been looking all over the web regarding community planning and what bylaws are in place to support it, to no avail. I'm referring to the influx of thousands upon thousands of residents now living in an area that was never designed for homes (ie-the railway lands near the roundhouse). There...
  12. Hanlansboy

    SSP Diagrams by Koops

    Just surfing the web, and came accross these fantasy plans, the first one looks like something out of Star Wars (ugly!), what do you think? Anyone hear anything about these projects? Imagine, our very own supertall, it would be SO nice!
  13. Hanlansboy

    How many steps before it's built?

    Hi all, I'm still relatively new here, I have a passion for skyscrapers and urban growth, but my profession is in Medical Radiology, and know squat about the processes involved in building a tower. I assume, from your seemingly knowledgeable posts, there are several architectural...