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News   Apr 09, 2021
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  1. holographic plastic

    Toronto | 80 Bloor Street West | 266.38m | 79s | Krugarand | Giannone Petricone

    So can we stop the insufferable comparisons to NYC already? It's so strange, New Yorkers do not care about these comparisons and frankly, most Torontonians don't either. It's some weird obsession I only ever see online.
  2. holographic plastic

    Toronto | Waterfront Innovation Centre | 53.03m | 11s | Waterfront Toronto | Sweeny &Co

    Those power lines desperately need to be buried once this area isn't so bustling with development/construction.
  3. holographic plastic

    Toronto | Ontario Court of Justice Toronto | 95.7m | 17s | Infrastructure Ontar

    Thanks for your highly sought after assessment.
  4. holographic plastic

    Toronto | Mirvish+Gehry Toronto | 308m | 82s | Great Gulf | Gehry Partners

    Good grief, people from Toronto sure do love self-deprecation.
  5. holographic plastic

    Toronto | Crosstown LRT: Kennedy Station | ?m | 1s | Metrolinx | IBI Group

    After visiting Europe for extended periods of time, everything seems comically oversized back in North America.
  6. holographic plastic

    Toronto | Pinnacle One Yonge | 312.5m | 95s | Pinnacle | Hariri Pontarini

    This is what 1 Yorkville should have been.
  7. holographic plastic

    Toronto | The James at Scrivener Square | 85.34m | 21s | Tricon | COBE Architects

    I really want my own personal massive grapefruit statue.
  8. holographic plastic

    Toronto | One Delisle | 155m | 44s | Slate | Studio Gang

    Only just joined today and already causing drama? Interesting.
  9. holographic plastic

    Toronto | Mirvish+Gehry Toronto | 308m | 82s | Great Gulf | Gehry Partners

    There’s no need to be condescending and rude.
  10. holographic plastic

    High Speed Rail: London - Kitchener-Waterloo - Pearson Airport - Toronto

    I was driving through rural south-west Ontario the other day to see family (Perth County, Oxford County), and I saw several signs saying "Say No To High-Speed Rail" in peoples front yards. I knew peoples general feelings towards this project in that region, but I guess that was eye-opening to...
  11. holographic plastic

    Toronto | Garrison Point | 118.56m | 35s | Cityzen | Hariri Pontarini

    What exactly is the issue with Hudson Yards?
  12. holographic plastic

    Toronto | Designers Walk | 78.94m | 22s | Cityzen | BBB

    I think it ultimately would have looked a bit strange if the existing building was incorporated, due to its size and architectural style clashing with the proposed building.
  13. holographic plastic

    High Speed Rail: London - Kitchener-Waterloo - Pearson Airport - Toronto

    Public transport in Ontario is generally a joke, and with such a consistent lack of action from both municipal and provincial leaders for decades now, combined with the fact that every time a new party is elected progress essentially goes back to square one, and it's looking like a lost cause at...
  14. holographic plastic

    Toronto | Tower at Pier 27 | 114.9m | 35s | Cityzen | architectsAlliance

    The quality of that road certainly doesn't help.
  15. holographic plastic

    Yonge-Dundas Square (Brown + Storey Architects)

    I see you’re participating in the age-old Canadian pastime of insulting Toronto and downplaying it’s importance.
  16. holographic plastic

    Toronto | Canary Block Condos | 42.06m | 12s | DundeeKilmer | KPMB

    Imagine an entire building with this type of glass.
  17. holographic plastic

    Toronto | Hudson Toronto Hotel | 46m | 14s | Niche | architectsAlliance

    How could you even incorporate or “design around” the existing building when the lot is relatively small as it is? It would look ridiculous.
  18. holographic plastic

    Toronto | CIBC SQUARE | 241.39m | 50s | Hines | WilkinsonEyre

    Personally, I think it’s much better that Toronto keeps having buildings built within a certain height range, and that don’t dare to go above.
  19. holographic plastic

    Toronto | King Blue by Greenland | 155.75m | 48s | Greenland | IBI Group

    This could be said about most large cities.