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News   Apr 09, 2021
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News   Apr 09, 2021
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    The Carlaw | ?m | 12s | Streetcar | TACT Architecture COMPLETE

    Streetcar just purchased 345 - 349 Carlaw...over 1.5 acres
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    Toronto | TeaHouse 501 Yonge Condominiums | 170.98m | 52s | Lanterra | architectsAlliance

    501 Yonge Street (N of The Courtyard) just sold to Lanterra, .87 acres
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    Thoughts on MoZo

    For all the 'experts' out there and/or those with an opinion, I've been looking at re-sale units at MoZo (as an investment property) with the help of a broker friend. Based on market comps (sales and listings for 2010) prices seem 'reasonable' given comps for other areas downtown, the building...
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    Art Condos (Triangle West Development) - Real Estate -

    Looking for opinions on this building / area for an investment? What's the expected cost p.s.f.?
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    Toronto | Jaedon Mews | ?m | 3s | UrbanQuest | Arch DWG

    This project looks interesting...
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    Architects / Designers

    I love all the opinions rendered on this site about what's wrong with developers / architecture / architects / designers out there...and sometimes positive comments about the gems. Is there a list of architects / designers who are adding value to the urban experience (whatever definition...
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    Richmond Town Manors (King West Village, Rosant, 4s, Core)

    Does anyone have info on this project?