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    Rogers Centre Renovations

    Major League Stadiums purposely orientate home plate away from south so that the batter doesn't have sun in their eyes when at the plate. This diagram of all MLB stadiums shows that none of them facing directly south or west: so changing direction is pretty much a non starter.
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    The Toronto Tree Thread

    While I don't disagree that more trees should be added to Sunnybrook, replacing existing sports fields with them is not a waste of space. With many (all?) youth and adult recreational leagues cancelled this year the fields have definitely been underused but under normal circumstances all those...
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    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    I've long thought that Allandale station would be a great spot for a gateway to cottage country. While more bus connections is always a positive I don't think it would work for most cottage goers/campers due to the inherent nature that they are spread out across Muskoka/Kawarthas and beyond...
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    Toronto | 2699 Keele | ?m | 24s | Worsley Urban | Richmond Architects

    That is definitely a lot of density for that site and with the current road configuration it would be frustrating for any future residents who see it as a location with "quick access" to the 401. Currently there are no lefts from George Appleton Way to go southbound on Keele. I stand to be...
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    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes headed downtown)

    I noticed that the new Dundas bike lane has been added to Google Maps between Broadview and Sackville. But it appears to show Gerrard having bike lands from River to Parliament. That's an error right? I haven't had a chance to get there myself. I don't believe I saw Gerrard included in the...
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    Mayor John Tory's Toronto

    I can honestly say I did not know who Henry Dundas was until the name change was being requested. If the road name does change I will not shed a tear. But I always saw the name Dundas coming from "the road to Dundas" (the town) the same way Kingston Road is named as the road to the city of...
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    Toronto Bike Share

    I am equally skeptical for the same reasons. The one I'm watching to see the other shoe drop on is the Innisfil Uber Transit experiment. It already got too popular that it was costing more than anticipated. I will be surprised if it can continue to run long term. (sorry for going off topic)
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    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    Thanks for sharing that. It looks like the Atlantic south plant entrance would be in the same place. (I think I'm just going based on Streetview) but that a modified entrance would need to be provided for the tile shop and the business west of it. An access route with a bridge across West...
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    Leslieville / Studio District

    Coming Soon signs are up for A&W, Freshii and Circle K in the condo at Queen and Logan. I've also seen a floor plan that shows Osmow's has leased one of the units and that the corner unit in the old facade part has been leased for "Coffee"
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    Carlaw-Dundas Triangle Public Art - Obelisk (Pierre Poussin)

    Any idea on if that Badgerow Parkette redesign is still happening?
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    Toronto | Canary Block Condos | 42.06m | 12s | DundeeKilmer | KPMB

    There's a banner outside the building that shows new retail in Winter 2020 Vivo Pizza and Pasta, a burrito place (forget the name) and lastly and most interestingly
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    Toronto | Regent Park: The Wyatt | 89m | 27s | Daniels | KPMB

    Walked by this building yesterday. The eastern most retail unit has a sign up for "Le Beau" Patisserie. Good to see at least one retail unit filling in quickly
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    I went by yesterday and there's a sign saying they're regrading the hill. I have been hoping for the last few years that when/if that hill ever got regraded they would regrade it with a large enough platform to add a multiuse path along the top of the hill. I haven't seen anything to suggest...
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    407 Transitway

    I disagree with your second statement, 407ETR might never exceed capacity, they increase the rates to maintain a certain level of flow. The main benefit of making the transitway is not only for buses to avoid highway traffic but for buses to not need to pull off and on at every interchange...
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    Leslieville / Studio District

    Nutbar is opening a new location in The Logan Condo at Logan and Queen. Nice to finally see what some of the new retail will be. There are at least 1 or 2 more spaces in that building and a few more in the the one on the west side of Logan. Anyone have any insight on what...
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    Toronto Bike Share

    I'm really hoping to see a couple more in Leslieville/Riverside/Riverdale. Oftentimes at the end of the day all stations are at capacity.
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    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes headed downtown)

    I was riding the Gatineau Hydro Corridor trail this past weekend for the first time this year and the trail is closed between Crockford Blvd and Birchmount. Does anyone know why? Was there a washout where it crosses Massey Creek? The signage wasn't very good but it tells you to detour via...
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    Floating Carshare Permits Proposed

    Has anyone signed up for Communauto and can share their experiences? I was hoping to see the availability of cars on a map but their website doesn't appear to allow that unless I sign up. Curious to know how ubiquitous they are. I've seen a few parked in and around the neighbourhood but...
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    Toronto | LeftBank | 117.5m | 34s | Broccolini | IBI Group

    Walking through the neighbourhood the other day I saw that there were sandwich boards up advertising this as "River and Fifth Condos" Further searching identifies this address on their website: Were they successful in the OMB appeal on September 5 as noted above?
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    Leslieville / Studio District

    Does anybody have a recommendation for a place that has good bagels in Leslieville/Riverside? With all the great food options in the area I have found this is one thing I wish was nearby. I know there's Bagel Time on Danforth but I'm wondering if there's anything on Queen East or Gerrard?