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    How Unique is UrbanToronto?

    I wanted to start a thread regarding the UrbanToronto forum itself. I've been using this site on and off for a long time and was curious how common or populated urban issue and development forums are in other cities? Do we particularly geek out on this stuff in Toronto or is it a common thing...
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    Old Bloor Dovercourt Postal -> New Proper TV Studio

    A small project some might be interested in. It is the conversion of the Old Post Office at Bloor and Dovercourt into the Headquarters of Proper TV (makes reality TV shows like MasterChef Canada, Storage Wars etc. currently located at King and Spadina). Might be a stretch to call it a...
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    New Ontario Building Code Impact on Condo Design

    I was watching this video at the Globe and Mail website: I wasn't aware that as of the end of last year condos will no longer be allowed to have windows that exceed 40% of the exterior wall. This will...
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    Princess Margaret Hospital Expansion/Renovation (?, ?, Hariri Pontarini/NORR)

    Announced expansion if this hasn't been covered in another thread: Highlights: -1 Billion 5 year fundraising effort of which 500 million has been...