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  1. dunkalunk

    Roads: Fantasy Proposals

    To avoid discussion of officially-proposed projects from going off-topic on their appropriate threads, I'd recommend moving discussion of fantasy road proposals here.
  2. dunkalunk

    Roads: Missing Links in the Road Network

    I couldn't find a thread about it, so I created one. Here are my ideas in order of likely to unlikely: Davenport Rd Extension to Keele St: The plan would be to have Davenport Ave cross over top of St. Clair ave due to constraints caused by the existing grade separation and to reduce...
  3. dunkalunk

    Time Zones and Daylight Savings

    I came across an interesting article in The Atlantic that proposes that the US switch from 4 time zones to 2: Original Article: Personally, I have to agree with this...
  4. dunkalunk

    The Senate

    What should we do with it? I'd personally like to see some sort of reform occur in which provincial/territorial legislatures do the appointing/review after an election. This will ensure that senators remain accountable to the provinces which they represent.
  5. dunkalunk

    Missing Links in the Toronto Streetcar Network

    Is the Waterfront West LRT project dead? If not then the section of track which would have connected Roncesvalles to Exhibition, and the new streetcar track on Bremner are still important missing links in Toronto's streetcar network. The same goes for a Queens Quay East LRT which could then be...
  6. dunkalunk

    Future of Canada's Boundaries

    As a thought exercise, and to see how well I understand national politics, I have created a map of a possible future of Canada's geopolitical boundaries: I would see this scenario arising if Quebec were to have a successful sovereignty vote or if one of the provinces...
  7. dunkalunk

    Proportional Representation

    Most people think that having a seat count that better reflects the popular vote, but can't agree on what system we ought to choose or how we should go about implementing it. This thread is to discuss the merits of different systems and how we can get PR implemented in Canada.
  8. dunkalunk

    Leaside Bridge

    Just putting this out there to see if anyone knows the answer. Could the Leaside Bridge (the one that carries Milwood Drive across the Don) carry rail transit? From photos it appears that there is a hollow box truss below the road deck that looks similar to the one of the Prince Edward...
  9. dunkalunk

    Sunnyside-Queen West Mobility Hub

    I am just putting this out here, but what do people think the feasibility of placing a major transfer station for Streetcar, Train, Subway, and Coach Bus passengers at the base of Roncesvalles? As many may know, there was a train station that existed on this site until 1971, and as such, the...
  10. dunkalunk

    Missing Links in the GO Bus Network

    Off the top of my head, here are a few I can think of in the west end: [LEGEND] Routes displayed West to East Transfers with: Lakeshore West Line Milton Line Kitchener Line GO Bus Terminal New Route (via Highway 6) Waterloo-Kitchener-Cambridge-Aldershot-Hamilton New Route (via Highway 6)...
  11. dunkalunk

    DRL routing. Where would you put it?

    Fixed this one! Yay! Just to keep a running tally of where UT is at on this. Cheers!
  12. dunkalunk

    Roads Poll: Will Front Street ever be connected to the Gardiner?

    What do you think? I'd give it maybe 20 years when we have a DRL, electified GO service and the cost to maintain the elevated structure of the Gardiner becomes to great.
  13. dunkalunk

    Which is more effective for better transit? Signal Priority or Dedicated ROW?

    Ideally, you'd have a combination of both (like what they should have on Spadina), but if you only could pick one, which one would you choose for congested downtown bus and streetcar routes?
  14. dunkalunk

    Cruickshank Park Bridge over the Humber

    Is it just me, or does a pedestrian/cyclist bridge over the Humber River connecting Church Street in Weston to the confluence of Dixon and Scarlett Roads seem like a total win from a city-building and transportation perspective?
  15. dunkalunk

    What Megaproject(s) Would you like to see built next? (wackiness encouraged

    This is your chance to get wacky, so propose whatever kind of infrastructure you think you can make a case for (please stay away from discussion of the central Gardiner, we have other threads for that) I have a few favourites: 300km/h Windsor-Quebec City High Speed Rail with a high speed...
  16. dunkalunk

    Ideas For Parliamentary Reform

    This thread is to share and discuss your ideas concerning how our system of government can be improved. Here are my 2 big ones: House of Commons Electoral Reform: Instant Runoff Voting (AKA Alternative Vote) The same number of electoral districts would exist as in the current FPTP, but instead...
  17. dunkalunk

    Unite the Left?

    In the wake of the previous federal election, the liberals have been reduced to an all-time low, and with the likely withdrawal of the BQ from federal politics for a while at least, one could imagine a scenario where the NDP and Liberal Party merged to form a new party. Could you see this...
  18. dunkalunk

    Roads Poll: What would be your ideal Gardiner Tear Down?

    Under what conditions would you consider it ideal to tear down the central portion of the Gardiner Expressway? Pick the options that you would include in your ideal solution.
  19. dunkalunk

    2011 Federal Election Result Predictions

  20. dunkalunk

    Kitchener-Hamilton Rail Connection

    This thread is set up to discuss any possible rail connction between Kitchener and Hamilton. A passenger rail connection between the two areas has long been a gap in the existing intercity passenger rail network and if filled, would greatly increase both passenger and freight mobility in...