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  1. yrt+viva=1system

    Canadian Pension Funds & Infrastructure Investments

    I decided to start a general catch all thread as it seems to be a key and important topic that determines whether large scale projects are built or left for failure in the early stages of announcements. Something that has always drawn my curiosity are the news headlines about Canadian Pension...
  2. yrt+viva=1system

    North of Bloor/Downtown Box: Toronto-born vs. non-Toronto/GTA-born

    So this has been on my mind for quite a while now and it's about not travelling and living "North of Bloor" or the "downtown box (eg. of not travelling beyond certain streets such as DVP to Yonge, Bathurst...etc.)." I'm curious as to how this came about. One thing that I've noticed is that...
  3. yrt+viva=1system

    Downtown Vaughan (VMC)

    I searched around for a dedicated neighbourhood thread for Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) also known as downtown Vaughan. But was surprised that a dedicated thread hasn't been created yet, so here it is. As of yesterday, I've counted around 5-6 cranes that have been erected in the area since...
  4. yrt+viva=1system

    Development and Traffic Lights

    I've noticed that with all these condo developments going on throughout the GTA there seems to be an increase of traffic light installations for these specific developments. These traffic lights are specifically installed for automobiles to access these properties and I'm wondering if this would...