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    Stupid Things

    LOL, we discuss plenty of stupid things at UT.............but I didn't see a smart place to drop this stupid thing. So I made a thread for it. I got nothing!
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    6400 Steeles Avenue East (Markham, Remington, ?s, ?)

    Remington is proposing to redevelop a the southern portion of its golf course in Markham. The extent of the proposal is 64 acres, as per the report linked below: From the report:
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    New 41 Division Toronto Police

    Don't yet have the details for this one, but the Toronto Police Capital Budget submission for 2021 clearly pegs a 2022 start to construction. So it would seem apt to start a thread for which we should see the details later this year. From...
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    Happy New Year

    As the clock approaches midnight on Dec 31st...............let me take a moment to wish all of us, a Happy, and Happier New Year. 2020, for most of us here, was fortunately less challenging than for many. But it certainly wasn't as pleasant as one would hope. May 2020 send the pandemic into...
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    Algonquin Park Logging/Forestry Plan

    Some of you may know that the province, under every political party, has continuously allowed logging in Algonquin Park since its inception. This is the only Provincial Park for which this is true. While the logging practices in Algonquin are among the most sustainable in the industry, rarely...
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    Affordability and Resilience: The Challenge of Tower Renewal in Private Rental Apartment Buildings

    We have a few threads that cover housing/homelessness issues but I felt this piece didn't neatly fit in any of them. Back on Christmas Day, The Star's Donovan Vincent wrote about this report which discusses the need to renew older rental building, maintain their affordability to tenants, and...
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    Recipes to share

    Why not? I had the one and only non-household guest, whose been in my social bubble from day one.......over tonight.... Got the most rave review on something I baked. (PS, I love cooking, but I am so not a baker)........... So I thought I'd share. Needless to say this is not an NL original...
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    Recommended Holiday Viewing/Reading/Listening

    A thread for suggested TV shows or movies available on Cable/Pay TV/Streaming. We're all mostly trapped inside (though if its not too icy, I'm going to try to get some winter hiking in over the next week or two)....... So with a minimum of company, its time to catch up on books, music, tv and...
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    SHN 2030: Scarborough Health Network (hospitals redevelopment plan)

    Scarborough Health Network is in the very early stages of figuring out how to redevelop it hospital campuses. They have come to the conclusion that they want to support 2 sites in the future, one of which will be the current Centenary location. The other could be the current General campus...
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    A positive story - Being a kind and generous employer can pay off

    Many here may be familiar with the story of Gravity Payments and its CEO/Owner Dan Price. Some background for those who don't know. He was earning 1M+ managing a mid-sized payments company; when after a discussion with a friend (who didn't work for him), he realized he was paying entry-level...
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    Hot Market - in Apartment Buildings

    According the article below from the Globe and Mail, bidding wars are routinely erupting when older apartment blocks come up for sale. Apparently some in mid-town Toronto have sold for a cap-rate as low as 2% (that's the estimated ROI based on current rental income after factoring in the cost...
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    Holding by-law; new City-Wide requirements for Development in Proximity to Rail

    A report is coming to the next Planning and Housing Committee Mtg which recommends a massive new 'H' or holding provision on prospective redevelopments next to rail corridors throughout Toronto. This is in service of a plan by the City to adopt new, unified, standardized requirements for...
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    Random Questions

    Things on which I would like some input: (assorted subjects) 1) I'm thinking of getting a meat grinder; I'm quite happy to get my ground beef/sausages at the butchers; but sometimes I want to add ground bacon or pancetta to meat balls or meat loaf or the like. For such a limited use, I was...
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    Potential Municipal Land Assembly: 200 Poplar Road, 4301 and 4315 Kingston Road

    A report is coming to the next Government and Licensing Committee on November 30th, 2020. Said report is about 'activating' the former Robert Borden Technical School as a community Hub. However, in the detail of the report, it is clear that the City is intent on acquiring this site, should it...
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    The State of Toronto's Dams and Flood Control Structures

    I thought this merited its own thread as it doesn't fit neatly into any other. On November 20th, the TRCA Board of Directors had before it a report on the state of of the dams and flood control structures within its jurisdiction. There would seem to some reason to be concerned. I...
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    Large blocks of properties up for Heritage designation

    Thought I'd start a dedicated thread of this as vast numbers of properties are up for designation at the Nov 30th Meeting of the Preservation Board. The overall meeting agenda can be found here...
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    Toronto Surface Transit Network Plan

    This thread is continuing the discussion of the priority schemes we've seen for Eglinton East, and coming forward for Jane, Dufferin and Steeles West among others. A report headed to the November 18th Executive Committee Mtg will recommend pursuing a much wider strategy of transit priority on...
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    Toronto Public Library Dawes Rd Branch Replacement (416 Dawes Rd., ?s, Perkins + Will/Smoke Architecture)

    On the agenda for the next Toronto Public Library Board meeting on November 16th, 2020 is the award of the architecture/design contract for the new (replacement) Dawes Road Public Library Branch. Link here...
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    Invasive Species

    We have a Toronto Tree Thread; where we discuss the importance of trees as natural infrastructure to the City; and the issues around natives vs invasives, and growing conditions etc. But we don't have a thread to discuss the natural infrastructure we don't want. While non-native, invasive...
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    419-425 Coxwell (New Frontiers Aboriginal Residential Corporation, 3s, LGA)

    Small infill here, a 3-storey add-on to an existing affordable housing site, which will add 12 units. Report related to City leasing conditions on this property, which made me aware of this project, here: