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    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes headed downtown)

    I'll be blunter, its crap. The issue is not additional through-capacity, its how to get turning vehicles out of the through traffic's way. What's needed: 1) Eliminate the 3 parking spots south of Gerrard (NB Woodbine) to make a larger queue for right-turning vehicles. 2) Eliminate the...
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    36 Fieldway Rd (Alterra Developments, 10s, Richmond Architects)

    Looking at the Landscape Plan..............the choices aren't terrible............but but but......... Kentucky Coffee Tree is not native to the GTA Tulip Tree is not native to the GTA Most of the rest are native'ish........but cultivars. That's not terrible. But its a stretch to...
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    316-336 Campbell Ave (Marlin Spring, ?s, ?)

    In respect of the building appearance in that render: 🤮
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    2-24 Temple Ave (Curated Properties, 16s, ?)

    If the footprint of the new building is set where the south limit of the foundations are for the existing buildings (or further north), they will not impact the tree roots unduly. As I showed with the footprint I drew above, it is viable to place a new building here and preserve the trees...
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    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes headed downtown)

    Survey up on the City's website concerning the Danforth Complete Street (including Cycle Track); and the Planning study covering the Broadview to Coxwell portion. You can skip the Planning portion if you wish. Total survey time is a bit long at 15-20m. So if you want to support the Bike...
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    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    Hold on, Pfizer's CEO would take a Firecracker up his Ying Yang if Dougie paid? This might the first time I've considered contributing to a Dougie "Go Fund Me" Its not that I feel the need to aid anyone's kinks here, but the results of that encounter could be explosive; my only condition...
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    President Donald Trump's United States of America

    That's the spirit! Electoral Reform; they key to keeping 'us in power'................. :rolleyes: From:
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    Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (nCoV-2019)

    Do I want police to trump up a fake charge against this woman? No Do I think this woman's shallow character would benefit greatly from the above listed activity, yes I do.
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    2-24 Temple Ave (Curated Properties, 16s, ?)

    Indeed, the R-zoning specifically allows for that use here as well. Though the height limit and other details will still be in play.
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    Stupid Things

    Here's your science: The origin of alcohol probably goes back 200 million years or so (late Paleozoic), when the materials that its generation requires had all appeared on earth; namely, water, plant sugars (or starches), and yeast. a. Yeast is a ubiquitously prolific microorganism with a...
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    2-24 Temple Ave (Curated Properties, 16s, ?)

    To me, this would be the most logical footprint, given the need for separation distances:
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    2-24 Temple Ave (Curated Properties, 16s, ?)

    Aerial View of the site from Google:
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    President Donald Trump's United States of America

    I certainly prefer less superfluous pomp myself. I could frankly do without the Speech from the Throne in terms of cutting some of that here.
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    2-24 Temple Ave (Curated Properties, 16s, ?)

    Site as it is today: We're looking east from the westernmost property involved (24 Temple) back to Dufferin (2 Temple) My first take is that I want everyone of those mature trees saved, they look great. My second is it would be a shame if all the facades and their associated character...
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    Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (nCoV-2019)

    From this, just because it merits highlighting: Meanwhile, Australian pro Bernard Tomic’s girlfriend, Vanessa Sierra, sent out a video complaint via Twitter in which she bellyached that she now has to wash her own hair: “I’ve never washed my own hair. It’s just not something that I do.” Now...
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    Zoning Reform Ideas

    One could eliminate a good deal of speculative investment by removing the capital gains exemption on primary residences and in general removing the capital gains tax rate (currently only a 50% inclusion rate). IF you remove the profit in a quick sale, you remove many investors. There are...
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    West Don Lands: Blocks 17 + 26 ? ? ?

    If you mean real-time, no, but otherwise: Here ya go:
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    Annex, The (374 Dupont, Plaza, 12s, Quadrangle)

    On sidewalk width, I have had a look at the plans, which I am posting below. I think you're right....ish. The dark black line on the Dupont side indicates the extra width is entire POPs, not public sidewalk; also the pedestrian clear way distances aren't robust due the placement of the art...
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    Post your pictures of Toronto here!

    H1-H4 all had similar style to my recollection, at least similar seats. But H1/H2 was blue seating as I recall, while H3/H4 was the orange.