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    Replica TTC Roll Signs

    I took some time to draw up TTC's vintage subway and current streetcar roll signs and have put them online for sale. According to Apartment Therapy, it's the latest craze in interior design, so put some local flair into your interior decorating! Can order for purchase here, lots of size...
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    150 Bloor St W Ground floor retail Redevelopment (Kevric, 26s, ??)

    Kevric Holdings from Quebec is redeveloping the building for office and retail use. There were rumours that the Apple Store would move into this site. Hoarding went up last week. Bloor Street Elevation Bloor St. floorplan Website...
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    Simpsons Tower Nightime Lighting

    This was discussed in the "Lost in Toronto Colour" thread about the lighting at the top of the Simpsons Tower. I spoke to the building manager, and she informed me that the building owners (Ivanhoe Cambridge) decided that for energy saving purposes (environmental), they've decided to turn off...
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    Official Forum Time

    I can't seem to get the forum time to set properly. Is anyone else having this problem right now? It says it's 4:06pm (GMT -4), despite the options being set to Eastern Time with daylight savings automatically set.
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    Colour Me Impressed: the New "old" Tile at St. Andrew Station

    They're finally putting up the replacement tiles at the south end of St Andrew Station and I gotta say I'm impressed with the TTC on this one, by bringing back the original tile and colour pattern of the station when it first opened.
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    Stephen Harper caption contest

    Harper was too busy talking to imaginary friends on his unconnected phone (see phone in background)
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    Rogers/City receives new 24-hour News Channel License

    And CTVgm quickly responds by yanking CityNews at 6 and 11 off of CP24.
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    Dubai Atlantis Hotel: Grand Opening Fireworks

    If this is what they do for a measly hotel, what the heck are they gonna do when the Burj Dubai is complete/open? :eek::eek:
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    TTC Subway Station Cleanliness

    An update into the TTC's efforts to improve station appearance and cleanliness is attached to October's commission meeting reports. It looks like they're really trying this time around, which is...
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    TTC Ridership Growth Strategy

    Beginning on November 23, 2008, service on TTC's service routes will increase substantially, with over 8500 hours of additional service weekly. Among the changes: New service periods will be added to 86 routes to provide all-day service Service will be added to existing all-day routes so that...
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    TTC's Fancy New Technologies Thread

    TTC's $9.9M system to update riders on bus arrivals Last Updated: Tuesday, September 2, 2008 | 2:05 PM ET The Canadian Press The Toronto Transit Commission's board has given its approval for Grey Island Systems International Inc. to develop a system that gives...
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    TTC: Yonge North Subway Extension (Finch-Richmond Hill) (Unfunded/Planned)

    I attended the second public workshop for the Yonge Subway Extension to Richmond Hill Centre last night, where they presented a draft recommendation for the extension. HIGHLIGHTS: -6 Stations (Cummer/Drewry; Steeles; Clark; Royal Orchard; Bunker; Richmond Hill Centre) -Alignment runs under...
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    Bell and Telus to start charging for INCOMING text messages in August

    This is kind of outrageous. The cost of sending a text message should already include the cost for the receiving of the message. That means you could be charged from spam or someone incorrectly putting in a number. Rogers already screwed us over for iPhone, and now Telus and Bell do this. More...
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    TTC Cartography, Signage, and Wayfinding

    No one's mentioned it yet, but the TTC has started putting up updated versions of the subway map on its cars... and it's ridiculous. They've changed the font identifying the stations from faux-Helvetica/Arial (the Swis721 that Joe Clark speaks of) to a condensed, bolded look-alike. They've...
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    Edmonton's Trolley Buses to Cease in 2010

    I posted this in the Toronto section, as there is some discussion of bringing trolleys back in Toronto. IMO it's ridiculous to replace the trolleys with hybrids.. basically a proven technology being replaced by one that has emerging problems.
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    Metrolinx: A new Logo

    from CPTDB Much better than the first one.
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    The Economist: "Prisoners of ambiguity"

    Prisoners of ambiguity May 22nd 2008 | OTTAWA From The Economist print edition The government no longer helps all Canadians in trouble abroad UNTIL recently, Canadians who ended up in a foreign jail could be confident of help. The federal government backed any request by a convicted...
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    Yonge Subway Early Closure between Lawrence and Finch (June 22, 2008-Jan 2009)

    In a nutshell: -Subway will close at 12:30am between Lawrence and Finch Station, Sunday to Friday evenings, meaning last trains to Finch leave downtown at midnight -Saturday night service remains the same -Buses will replace subway service: 36 Finch West, 39 Finch East, 60 Steeles West, 53...
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    An Alternative Planning Process for the City of Toronto (Munk Centre Panel - Apr. 30)

    I attended a panel discussion at the Munk Centre yesterday discussing 'An Alternative Planning Process for Toronto' preceding the Jane Jacobs Awards. Definitely was one of the more interesting discussions I've been to lately and below is an excerpt from the 1000+ word response on my blog. The...
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    Toronto Archives: Subway Edition

    I thought I'd start a thread here for any interesting or mind boggling photos of the subway from the Toronto Archives online... I found these two... they seem to be two alternatives for the subway to cross a valley and an expressway... but it's NOT the DVP... I'm trying to figure out where it...