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    Restaurant Row Threatened

    I received a communication from the Condominium Owners Association of Ontario regarding restaurant row. It would appear that they've been hearing what I have heard from a couple of developers over the last few years: that there is a desire to redevelop restaurant row and replace it with a couple...
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    369 King Street West (Trinity, 8s, ?)

    There was a new proposal shown tonight at the community meeting in King Spadina. The presenter was from TAS Build-Design, and the Architect is Teeple. This proposed 25 floor condominium building would be situated between the almost completed M5V condo, and the proposed 40 floor structure at...
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    Peter Street Condominiums | 130m | 40s | CentreCourt | architectsAlliance COMPLETE

    This preliminary proposal was presented at the King-Spadina community meeting on August 14th. The building would be situated at the corner of the block defined by Adelaide Street, Peter Street and Drummond Place. Presently, the buildings on that block consist of a small number two floor...
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    Dion's Wife Goes Rogue?

    Liberal implosion in the works? Looks like Ms. Krieber is holding the evil "Toronto elites" to blame. This could mean that the elites of some other city are not getting their way. Very sad. Saturday, November 21, 2009 5:18 PM Dion's wife goes rogue? Stephen Wicary A scathing message...