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  1. Bruvyman

    30 Story Tower Built in 15 Days!

    Pretty amazing stuff. It was done in, of course, China. Both videos are worth watching. Apparently it is built to withstand magnitude 9 earthquakes and is extremely energy efficient.
  2. Bruvyman

    Blue Jays broadcasting... Sneaky, sneaky!

    I decided to post this here as I couldn't find a section of the site specifically for nitpicking and making mountains of molehills.... Watching the Jays in 30 tonight, I noticed that they just pass off old stock footage as a same-day shot of the city as they return from commercials and set up...
  3. Bruvyman

    Tilt-Shift Video of Toronto: Must see

    Not sure where to put this, and thought that maybe it deserved its own thread... Posted on BlogTO: