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  1. confusion

    New Core Wall Method May Speed Up Construction Time

    New Core Wall Method May Speed Up Construction Time from: Researchers are perfecting a new technique that could speed construction of skyscrapers while also providing enough stiffness and strength to withstand earthquakes and...
  2. confusion

    The HTA Bicycle Experiment

    For the entire month of August I have been conducting a personal biking experiment where I follow the rules of the road according the HTA (Ontario Highway Traffic Act) as it pertains to cyclists. Primarily my change in riding habits has been to take my legally allowed 1 meter from the...
  3. confusion

    Bells on Bloor - A bike ride for bike lanes on Bloor Street

    Attach all of your Bells on Bloor photos to this thread.
  4. confusion

    Conservative Attack Ads

    Does anyone else think it is pretty lame that Harper displays an internet attack ad in a television attack ad as one of the key points of your attack ad? Is his audience really dumb? Do regular people watch this and actually feel inspired to vote for this guy? Or is he just trying to...
  5. confusion

    Livable Streets - Good Magazine

    Livable Streets, Just a random website I came across that I thought many UT'ers may enjoy. Livable Streets - Good Magazine
  6. confusion

    Insufficient Sidewalks Downtown

    Every year the downtown core of Toronto gets denser with pedestrians. I think this is a good thing, however infrastructure for pedestrians does not seem to be keeping up. Certain streets in Toronto I believe are hitting a tipping point, and could serve to deter people from choosing the...
  7. confusion

    Queens Quay Woonerf

    I'm excited for this. I think Toronto could be such a vibrant city if it was to introduce more woonerf's (Pedestrian/Bike traffic prioritizes over cars on one street, max limit approx 10km/h for cars and bikes). It's the type of relationship I think is needed between the 3 main transportation...
  8. confusion

    Chinatown East: Zhong Hua Men Gate

    I was browsing the Toronto Star today and I came across this article: It seems Chinatown East is getting some love. Does anyone have any additional information on this Gate project described in the Toronto Star article...
  9. confusion

    Bloor Street West Bike Lanes

    If anyone didn't hear about the bike ride today for bike lanes on Bloor Street West, then here are some pictures. Everyday the downtown core becomes more and more congested. Get out of your car. Please. Save the environment, save your health, and ride a bike. Feel free to add your own...