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  1. AlbertC

    33 Hillcrest Ave (@ Hurontario, Mississauga, TAS, ?s, SvN) 33 Hillcrest Avenue Welcome to TAS’s largest project to date. We intend to introduce between 1.5 million and 2 million square feet of mixed-use development at this 5.3-acre site immediately adjacent to the Cooksville GO Station. This...
  2. AlbertC

    1-3 Croft Street laneway housing (n of College, ?, 3s, ?)

    Some laneway housing on the east side of Croft Street, just north of College. Oct 17, 2020
  3. AlbertC

    369 Queen St W (e of Peter, ?s, ?)

    This is the lot that was left vacant after a fire burned down the previous 3 storey building where Roots was located, also just west of the former Silver Snail building. Looks like some machinery are on site for excavation work...
  4. AlbertC

    147 Vaughan Road (n of St. Clair W, ?, 11s, ?)

    An 11-storey rental building to replace the current 3 apartment buildings on site at 147, 151, and 153 Vaughan Road. This is just north of upcoming project by Block Developments at 133 Vaughan. 147 VAUGHAN RD Ward 12...
  5. AlbertC

    67 Lakeshore West (Oakville, Bevco Homes, 4s, ?)

    4 storey condo in the Kerr Village/Waterfront area of Oakville, just west of the Sixteen Mile Creek:
  6. AlbertC

    2477 Old Bronte Road (Oakville, One Urban, 8s, Quadrangle)

    Another one for the Old Bronte Road & Dundas St W area in Oakville:
  7. AlbertC

    Nuvo Condos (2418 Khalsa Gate, Oakville, Fernbrook Homes, 10s, KNYMH Architecture)

    New condo project in the Bronte Road & Dundas St W area in Oakville:
  8. AlbertC

    Toronto | Butler Condos | ?m | 8s | Fernbrook Homes | KNYMH

    Upcoming condo on Dundas W near Sixth Line in Oakville: Project website: Application details with elevation drawings:
  9. AlbertC

    7 Laxton Ave (w of Jameson, ?, 4s, ?)

    Some missing middle type housing in the Parkdale area, one block south of Queen and just west of Jameson. 7 LAXTON AVE Ward 4: Parkdale-High Park Proposal for a 4-storey apartment building containing 14...
  10. AlbertC

    Lākhouse (185 Dunlop St E, Barrie, Aalto Developments, 10s, ?)
  11. AlbertC

    St. Antoine Daniel Catholic School (160 Finch Ave W, TCDSB, 2s, LGA) 160 FINCH AVE W Ward 18: Willowdale Site Plan application to permit the proposal for a new 2-storey Elementary School and Child Care Centre with a proposed GFA of 6012 sqm. There are 52 proposed parking spaces.
  12. AlbertC

    Geary Factory Lofts (300 Geary Ave, Intentional Capital, 4s, ?)

    4-storey workspace building on Geary Ave, west of Dufferin: Currently on site:
  13. AlbertC

    674 Essa Road (Barrie, ?, 27s, SvN)
  14. AlbertC

    The Parkdale Hall (1605 Queen St W, renovations)

    Ongoing renovation work on the former Parkdale Theatre building at 1605 Queen St W. Looks like plans for improved interior retail spaces for antique vendors along with event venue space. Oct 4, 2020
  15. AlbertC

    77 Roncesvalles Ave (n of Marion St, ?s, ?)

    Ongoing demolition and rebuilding work at 77 Roncy. The previous building on site that was torn down was 2 storeys. Oct 4, 2020
  16. AlbertC

    147 Roncesvalles Ave (@ Garden Ave, 2s rear addition)

    Decent quality 2-storey, brick clad, rear of property intensification at the SE corner of Roncy & Garden Ave, running along the side street. It was formerly under-utilized storage space behind the Roncesvalles Fruit Village store. Oct 4, 2020 Previous view:
  17. AlbertC

    1409 Gerrard St E (w of Hiawatha, 3s, Mark Nawrocki Architect)

    Application for a new 3-storey building to replace the current 3-storey building. Not a high impact site, but still a bit underwhelming. Could've tried going for another storey or two. Currently this:
  18. AlbertC

    798 Bloor St W (@ Crawford, ?s, ?)

    A full building renovation with addition at the rear of the property. NW corner of Bloor West & Crawford, one block west of Christie. Sept 27, 2020
  19. AlbertC

    1472 Dundas St W (e of Dufferin, 4s, ?)

    Mid-block 2 storey addition onto an existing 2 storey building on Dundas W, just east of Dufferin: Sept 19, 2020
  20. AlbertC

    1002-1004 Dundas St W (e of Montrose, s?, ?)

    The former "Superior Sausage Co. Ltd" building on Dundas W, just east of Montrose Ave has been demolished. No details on the building replacing it in the future yet. Sept 19, 2020