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  1. MetroMan

    Restaurant on King Blasting Loud Music All Day, Every Day — Noise By-Law Officers Shut Down During COVID

    Anybody on King West near Spadina? Baro has re-opened for pickup and to draw attention to those in surrounding neighbourhoods, they're blasting music at full volume from their rooftop patio. It's a non-stop mix of Latin/Reggaeton 10 hours a day, every day. They're not just playing it on the...
  2. MetroMan

    Amazon Alternatives?

    Over the past few years, I've really gotten used to the convenience of Amazon's subscription shopping paired with my condo's mail concierge. The prices on Amazon are unbeatable, specially on subscription, shipping is often free when you spend over $35 and being able to just go downstairs to my...
  3. MetroMan

    New GO Dog Policy

    After a 25K signature petition, GO Transit is trialing new rules for dogs. Dogs are now allowed to travel on GO on a leash rather than in a carrier outside of rush hour.
  4. MetroMan

    Jennifer Keesmaat's Toronto

    It's still very early in the game but with an anti Ford movement building and Tory's tepid response putting him in Ford's corner whether he likes it or not, Keesmaat has suddenly become very competitive. She has a movement to get behind and this will be a 1 on 1 race with no left of centre...
  5. MetroMan

    Toronto Municipal Election 2018: Mayor’s Race

    And they’re off! While candidate registrations doesn’t begin until May and it’s illegal to campaign before then, Doug Ford found a loophole: he’s running for Ontario PC leadership which we all know is a launching pad for Mayor and a legal excuse to start building an organization, fundraising...
  6. MetroMan

    Pawsway (Harbourfront) Closing

    Pawsway on the waterfront next to the now iconic Simcoe Wavedeck is closing permanently on Labour Day. I've been told that Harbourfront Toronto owns the building and will be taking over. There's no info yet on what's going to take its place but I'll update this post once we have more info...
  7. MetroMan

    Yonge-Dundas Square (Brown + Storey Architects)

    So much change is happening around Yonge-Dundas Square, including in the square itself, that I find that we need a unified thread. UrbanToronto did follow the construction of the square way back in 2000 but it appears to have been lost in one of the early forum moves. I have quite a lot of...
  8. MetroMan

    Typing Lag on UrbanToronto

    I’ve been noticing a serious lag typing in the post box at the bottom of a thread. It doesn’t seem to be as bad if you go into advanced mode. Either way, there’s definitely a performance problem with the site and I think it might be related to auto-save. Anybody else seeing this? Here's a video...
  9. MetroMan

    2018 Ontario Provincial Election Discussion

    After last night's defeat in a safe Liberal riding to the Provincial Conservatives and watching a new PC leader who is willing to admit mistakes and doesn't seem interested in getting into controversial policies, I'm afraid that the Liberals are toast and we most likely will see the end to the...
  10. MetroMan

    How Accessible and Responsive Is Your City Councillor?

    I've grown incredibly frustrated with Joe Cressy in Ward 20. I feel that I have no representation at City Hall because it's near impossible to get a hold of my city councillor. Day to day issues such as lack of garbage bins to dog park rules to abandoned construction sites, all go unanswered. I...
  11. MetroMan

    ID this building

    I came across this picture and had an instant desire to go see this in person. Looks like either Asia or the Middle East. Anybody know?
  12. MetroMan

    Campbell House

    What are they doing to Campbell House? Isn't it protected heritage? Can they just paint it white like that? It looks terrible!
  13. MetroMan


    UT's Apple Touch Icon Hey Ed, you should consider adding a UT icon for Apple's devices. Right now, you're unbranded: If you save a site to your iPhone or iPad's home screen, the icon takes a place in your apps. It's a pretty straightforward addition according to Apple's support...
  14. MetroMan

    Mayor John Tory's Toronto

    In 2010, seeing the polls favouring an up trend for Rob Ford and watching a stubborn Left sticking with Joe Pantalone even though he couldn't pull off a win — instead making it impossible for Smitherman to close the gap — it became apparent that we were heading towards 4 years of irrational city...
  15. MetroMan

    Toronto isn't alone in destroying its history: Cincinnati Public Library

    This is a crime:
  16. MetroMan

    Please help me resolve this head scratching DIY math problem...

    Hey guys, I'm moving into Lofts399 at the end of the month and I'm going to use my place as a photo studio regularly. While figuring out my layout and furniture, I've come up with a scheme that will allow me to simply push the couch in a straight line into the bedroom and then hook a cross bar...
  17. MetroMan

    Identify this condo please?

    I'm looking at renting a friends condo. He sent me the pictures and then went away on vacation out of touch for a week. I'm trying to figure out which condo it is so I can look up the amenities and get pictures of the interior.
  18. MetroMan

    Telus High Speed Internet not in Toronto?

    This would be news to me but as I was trying to rid myself of all my Rogers services, I began switching to Telus and can't seem to be able to order high speed internet with them. The only options are for provinces out west. I have mobile internet on my iPad with Telus and plan to get a Telus...
  19. MetroMan

    Should the Province upload the TTC or the subway network and merge it with Metrolinx?

    It's becoming clear that the TTC is too important to the regional economic viability of the GTA (and therefore the majority of Ontario's economy) to allow a dysfunctional Mayor and City Council to call the shots. The subway network -- though perhaps not buses and streetcars -- is no longer a...
  20. MetroMan

    10 Dundas East

    I just noticed this on a friend's Facebook page. Virgin is opening @ 10 Dundas East? They were the original lead tenant (along with Disney) for what was then Metropolis but then dropped out (along with Disney) before opening. From the picture, it looks like it's going where the Bell Store...