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  1. alexanderglista

    The Orbit (Innisfil, Cortel Group, PARTISANS)

    If the Innisfil GO station ends up looking like the renderings, it will be the nicest GO station on the network. Glad to see a MZO being considered.
  2. alexanderglista

    Toronto | Edge Towers | ?m | 55s | Solmar | Rosario Varacalli

    What’s under construction in the bottom right of the second picture?
  3. alexanderglista

    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    Don’t forget, the Canpa Sub was used to detour Milton Line GO trains earlier this year when the Milton Line was blocked by protesters. They actually seemed able to implement the detour in good time. I understand that the logistics aren’t ideal, however.
  4. alexanderglista

    Ion Light Rail (Kitchener-Waterloo) & King/Victoria Transit Terminal

    I noticed this update for the transit hub, dated October 7th, 2020, on Engage WR.
  5. alexanderglista

    20/Twenty Towns (2024-2040 Camilla Road Cooksville, Consulate, 148 units, ?)

    Here is the official website. It’s great to see this parcel of land become something more than it is right now. It’s a great spot for more density with the Hurontario LRT coming.
  6. alexanderglista

    Toronto | 485 Trafalgar Rd | ?m | ?s | First Capital | Giannone Petricone

    My family moved to Oakville from Etobicoke in 2000 when I was 4. At the time, the whole site was a lumber yard served by rail. I’d say the plaza was developed around 2005 (there was a Blockbuster video there that I loved as a kid). So yes, not a ton of longevity, but happy to see more density...
  7. alexanderglista

    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    Well it’s great to see the Canpa interlocking restored to its “former glory”.
  8. alexanderglista

    Toronto | 485 Trafalgar Rd | ?m | ?s | First Capital | Giannone Petricone

    Shots of the site as it is today, from the GO parking garage. Perfect place for some density. I’ll miss the Beertown though.
  9. alexanderglista

    Toronto | Oak & CO Condos | ?m | 25s | Cortel Group | Zeidler

    From today. I took a bunch of photos! Looking north alomg Trafalgar (which is being widened to 6 lanes): Looking south from Threshing Mill Blvd: From P6 of the Oakville GO parking garage:
  10. alexanderglista

    Train Spotting

    BC Rail and Illinois Central paint jobs confirmed too.
  11. alexanderglista

    Toronto | Insignia, The | ?m | 9s | Onespace

    No major progress from the last update. Makes me wonder about this project.
  12. alexanderglista

    Toronto | Wesley Tower at Daniels City Centre | ?m | 43s | Daniels | Rafael + Bigauskas

    Visible from P6 of the Oakville GO parking garage.
  13. alexanderglista

    Hurontario LRT | Metrolinx

    People in the tech world seem to think that massive traffic reductions will be realized, but most urban planners and traffic engineers think that traffic reduction will be 10% to 15% at most. I co-authored a paper on AVs (specifically CASE vehicles) where we interviewed about 50 people from the...
  14. alexanderglista

    Train Spotting

    Looks like CN is doing a heritage paint scheme program. It will be cool to see these in the GTHA.
  15. alexanderglista

    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    In the comments, someone claims that the reason for doubling the track connection is that CP Rail will be running a local train to the Oakville Ford Plant. If this is true, it would be pretty cool to see CP locals on the Lakeshore West Line (even if it’s only at night).
  16. alexanderglista

    Parkside Village: Avia 1 & 2 (Block 1 E, MCC, Amacon, 7+8+38+50s, ?)

    It’s exciting to see this part of MCC moving towards completion. I know we’re a few years away, but there will be a great urban vibe here.
  17. alexanderglista

    Toronto | Festival South VMC | ?m | 50s | Menkes | IBI Group

    Link to the render isn't working! :(