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Planning Docs Reveal More Details of U of T's "PIE" Complex

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  1. Jasonzed

    Mavis and Eglinton, Mississauga (Southlawn Dev, 19 + 24s + townhomes, ?)

    I can't find a thread for this one. https://www.insauga.com/a-huge-new-residential-development-is-coming-to-this-busy-intersection
  2. Jasonzed

    Paul Coffey Park $40M Re-development, Mississauga

    I'm not sure if this should go in this thread but the mods will decide :) https://www.insauga.com/40-million-park-coming-to-mississauga-soon $40 Million Park Coming to Mississauga Soon.
  3. Jasonzed

    2475 Hurontario (Mississauga, Starlight, 6s, ?)

    https://thehuron.ca/ CONDO-STYLE AMENITIES Gym / Yoga Studio Games Room Bike Parking Shared Outdoor Amenity Space with BBQ area Kids Playground Exclusive Rooftop Lounge Storage Lockers HIGH-END FINISHES IN EACH SUITE INCLUDE: In-Suite Laundry with Washer & Dryer Air Conditioning Private...
  4. Jasonzed

    185 Enfield (MCC, ?, 34s, Kirkor)

  5. Jasonzed

    Multiple Mississauga Neighbourhoods Could Undergo Massive Change

  6. Jasonzed

    425 Lakeshore Rd. E, Affordable Housing, Mississauga (?, 4s, ?)

    https://www.mississauga.com/news-story/8795650-new-development-in-mississauga-to-provide-affordable-housing-and-supports-programs-for-people-with-mental-or-physical-disabilities/ New development in Mississauga to provide affordable housing and supports programs for people with mental or...
  7. Jasonzed

    Mississauga: MCC new Urban Forest Park

    Looks like a new urban forest park is being built across the street from Sheridan College. Don't know if it is going to be permanent or not but it can make for a nice oasis once north of Rathburn is built up.
  8. Jasonzed

    Mississauga: Ninth Line Lands redevelopment

    https://www.insauga.com/some-residents-concerned-about-huge-proposed-development-in-mississauga A new park and community centre are being built in the foreground.
  9. Jasonzed

    Pinnacle Uptown: Watergarden (? Hurontario St, Pinnacle International, 38s + 50s, Richmond)

    Well, somebody seems to be listening...
  10. Jasonzed

    New Community Centre @Ninth Line (Mississauga, Ward 10, ?)

    https://www.insauga.com/a-brand-new-community-centre-is-coming-to-mississauga by Ashley Newport on November 10, 2017 People who enjoy community centres and all they offer the neighbourhoods they reside in might be very happy to know that another centre is about to break ground in Mississauga...
  11. Jasonzed

    EV Royal, 1646 Dundas West (Mississauga, 7s, ??)

  12. Jasonzed

    Toronto | Streetsville Centre | ?m | 4s | Dunpar Homes | Dunpar Homes

    Packing them in there...
  13. Jasonzed

    49 Queen St S, Streetsville (New retail/offices, ?, 2s, Rally Architects)

    This is a few blocks north of the Village Square. This is good in that it will extend the pedestrian traffic to this part of the village.
  14. Jasonzed

    Toronto | Wesley Tower at Daniels City Centre | ?m | 43s | Daniels | Rafael + Bigauskas

    I went to the Daniels Erin Mills Sales Office and one of the visiting agents said that Daniels will be announcing their next MCC project which will be located at City Centre Drive and Confederation Drive in front of Parkside Village. It makes sense in that they have since torn down the old sales...
  15. Jasonzed

    Mississauga's Cooksville urban vision over the next 20 years

    Cooksville's vision over the next 20 years... http://www.mississauga.ca/portal/residents/visioncooksville http://www.mississauga.com/news-story/6751130-plans-unveiled-for-revitalization-of-mississauga-s-cooksville/ Plans unveiled for revitalization of Mississauga's Cooksville Mississauga...
  16. Jasonzed

    Toronto | M1 & M2 at M City | 198m | 60s | Rogers Real Estate | Core Architects

    This is for the Rogers Land now called Garden City which is just west of Confederation and south of Burnhamthorpe. This site design has since been approved. The city expects an application from the owners any week now...exciting! I got the PDF and will post more shortly but here are a few to...