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Planning Docs Reveal More Details of U of T's "PIE" Complex

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  1. ShonTron

    Regional Governance Review

    At least the government is creating $150,000/year jobs for nonagenarians. I guess that's it for Peel Region. Who are they going to appoint next? Don Cherry?
  2. ShonTron

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    The morning VIA/Amtrak train to Niagara Falls is usually quite cheap (Escape fare) as it never fills up, especially with the summer/Thanksgiving weekend GO train service (the afternoon return is less useful as it's more prone to delays through the US and at the border). It's a shame the morning...
  3. ShonTron

    Regional Governance Review

    That’s true. There aren’t any “unincorperated” parts of Parry Sound District. But nearly half the district isn’t covered by an *incorporated* municipal government or by an Indigenous reserve. Places like Britt, Key River, Loring, and Byng Inlet aren’t in any municipality.
  4. ShonTron

    Toronto | Ontario Place | ?m | ?s | Province of Ontario | Zeidler

    So she used WeChat to poll her constituents. That might be a good cross-section of her supporters, but not a good cross-section of her constituency.
  5. ShonTron

    Regional Governance Review

    The District of Parry Sound isn’t a municipal government. The province only created two upper tier municipalities in the North: the former Sudbury Regional Municipality (now the City of Greater Sudbury) and the District Municipality of Muskoka. All other districts (Parry Sound, Sudbury...
  6. ShonTron

    Double Decker Buses in Ontario - Safety?

    What GO Transit did at the Union Station bus terminal is perfectly reasonable - thick bollards to keep the buses from jumping the curb and into waiting passengers (as what happened once there, though there were no injuries) yet keeping access to the buses easy and accessible.
  7. ShonTron

    Regional Governance Review

    They were never united, as they were within separate counties. Same with what used to be North Dumfries (still extant) and South Dumfries (amalgamated into Brant).
  8. ShonTron

    Regional Governance Review

    It's interesting that Simcoe County is part of the review, but not the two separated cities (Barrie and Orillia) within it.
  9. ShonTron

    Regional Governance Review

    We are probably overdue for a review of municipal governance and boundaries. What we have left (after the amalgamations of four upper-tier municipalities and the dissolution of a fifth in 1997 and 2000) was established in the 1960s and 1970s under a much more progressive PC regime. But given...
  10. ShonTron

    Toronto | 50 at Wellesley Station | 115m | 37s | Plaza | Quadrangle

    The Xs all over reminds me of the condemned tenement house that Dustin Hoffman's character lives in Midnight Cowboy. "The X on the windows means the landlord can't collect rent, which is a convenience "
  11. ShonTron

    TTC: Streetcar Network

    In previous years, the 505 streetcar would have diverted around the watermain work via McCaul, College, and Bathurst Streets, with shuttle buses running between Bathurst and University Avenue. It's really annoying. Bus service is erratic on Dundas Street, especially evenings and weekends when...
  12. ShonTron

    VIA Rail

    Uh, no. I mentioned only the Northlander having wifi.
  13. ShonTron

    Metrolinx: Presto Fare Card

    Good question about the premium express buses. Has the TTC figured out how to deduct a second fare on those routes yet? Now that Metropasses (and the sticker for premium routes) are gone, and tokens and tickets on their way out, what will the TTC do? I guess a follow up question would be if the...
  14. ShonTron

    Cycling infrastructure (Separate bike lanes headed downtown)

    I don't disagree with a left turn phase, but I'd make it a lagging left, which might help clear the Adelaide/Simcoe intersection better. It would also preserve the advance walk signal at University
  15. ShonTron

    VIA Rail

    Believe it or not, the Northlander had wifi, also cellular based. I made a return trip to Moosonee in May 2012 and a one-way trip south from Cochrane in September 2012 (both trips to get my last rides in) and the service was surprisingly good with the exception of North Bay-Temagami, where the...
  16. ShonTron

    VIA Rail

    The fencing might be to protect it from vandalism or arson. I suspect CN owns it, not VIA, as VIA has been operating out of the nearby unstaffed building for years. Like most railway stations still on railway property, it's protected under federal heritage laws. The St. Marys Junction station...
  17. ShonTron

    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    So much for whatever's left of SmrtTrack!
  18. ShonTron

    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    The MTO is heavily biased in favour of motorists over all else. Remember when they promised to pave shoulders of its highways? Apart from sections of Highway 6 between Jarvis and Port Dover, and on the Bruce Peninsula, this was never done. It otherwise only paves shoulders of 400-series highways...
  19. ShonTron

    Can people just stay out of the donation bins?

    My building has a monthly Diabetes Canada pickup, which is convenient and legitimate. I feel much better using that than dumping clothes at a bin -- I've never heard of many of the "charities" whose names are stuck on these bins, and I agree - it's often a scam. Better to shut these down completely.
  20. ShonTron

    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    That's really great to see. The MTO typically requires pedestrians to give way to motorists at highway on and off-ramps, and cyclists are often expected to dismount (which is a ridiculous expectation). By turning it into a right-angle intersection, it gives right of way to pedestrians and...